The friendly Facilitators used every opportunity to bring across the message of teamwork and the programmes were challenging enough to tip the excitement factor.
-Bank of Tokyo

The FOCUS Facilitators knew their job very well.
–Bank of Tokyo

We got to know each other more during The Team Building Challenge!
–Bank of Tokyo

The Lead Facilitator and his team were friendly and helpful. The Team Building Challenge! was also invigorating.
–Bank of Tokyo

It was entertaining bonding with fellow colleagues outside of work.
–Bank of Tokyo

The opportunities for teamwork through the challenges were a good learning experience.

The Team Building Challenge! was physically demanding, and needed us to brainstorm on plausible solutions as a team.
-Li Pei Pei, BSH Home Appliance

Thank you FOCUS Team for making our day! It was nice working with your Team and we would like to have more opportunity to work again. Once again, thank you for the patience.
-Sock Hwa, Canon

I would like to thank the FOCUS Team for the fine cooperative effort to make our meeting and Team Building activity in Sentosa a great success! We had a fantastict time at Sentosa.
-Grace, Canon

The Team Building Challenge! was excellent! I really enjoyed every moment of it.
-Bianca, Cartus

The event organized by your company for Cartus was a great success! Everything went well and I received a lot of positive feedback towards the end. My thanks to the Lead Facilitator Leon and his team. They did a fantastic job and everything ended on time – which is a big bonus for us. Thank you once again and I definitely look forward to working with FOCUS Adventure in the future.
-Jo-Lynn Wee, Cartus

There is no specific key areas. Everything went equally well.
-Thomas Ng, Cartus

Team activities done during The Team Building Challenge were good!

The Facilitators’ smiling assistance made me enjoy the session even more.
-Vivan Ng, Cartus

I have attended other Team Building activities but The Team Building Challenge! this time round was totally different from all other previous activities! This is great!

It was good to network with new colleagues from different departments.

The activities done during The Team Building Challenge! were very different from the other team buildings I’ve attendend before.

The facilitator was able to engage the participants.

The Lead Facilitator was extremely jovial and he knew his job well.
-Reena Saggar, Diageo

The full participation from everyone motivated all of us to join in the adventure = SUCCESS
– Hoo Sze Yuen, DBS Credit Operations

Sharing of information is important in making Teamwork more efficient.
-Jade, DBS Credit Operations

The FOCUS Facilitators were able to bring in the crowd and held the programme in a lively and interesting manner.
– Josephine Law, DBS Credit Operations

The activities were interesting and enjoyable.
– Kah Gek, DBS Credit Operations

The Team Building Challenge! was enjoyable.
– Latrice Lim, DBS Credit Operations

We were in stitches the whole day.
-Mei Ling, DBS Credit Operations

We were able to know and learn about each other through interaction and team bonding. The activities contained a friendly and competitive spirit and the facilitators were pleasant and helpful.
-Melcia, DBS Credit Operations

The Facilitators have done a great job. Keep it up! 
-Stella, DBS Credit Operations

It was fun and relaxing. The duration was just nice.
– DBS Credit Operations

It was a fun learning work life experience. The Team Building activities were excellent as they were able to sustain the participants interests throughout the day. We had lots of fun while engaging in the Team Building session while learning about its relevancy to our worklife at the same time.
– DBS Credit Operations

I particularly like the short debrief session after each activity. We learned about ourselves and the people we work with. Also, the video was really heartwarming.
-Vivan Wang, Eaton

The Lead Facilitator, Shan and team did a fantastic job! It was tough managing our group but they did great! We are very impressed with the personalized service by FOCUS Adventure! Overall we are very happy with the FOCUS team as well as the driver. He was excellent in providing value-added service such as guiding the participants along with the umbrellas. He was also an experienced driver. The participants were very impressed by his driving skills (he did a fantastic 3-pt turn) to send us to the dinner venue.
-Carolynn Ang, ECI Telecom

The Lead Facilitator, Shan was amazing! The FOCUS Team was great. I would do this again!
-Laura Howard, ECI Telecom

We are waiting for the next time we get to engage in The Team Building Challenge at FOCUS Adventure again!
-Truong, ECI Telecom

Hi Joey & team, thanks for bringing the fun-filled games last Friday for Fisher. My colleagues certainly enjoyed themselves very much!
-Yin Mei, Fisher

We were all working as a Team!
-Lee Teik Wen, Goodman Fielder

The activities prior to the main energizers were all very interesting! They brought much excitement to the team.
-Goodman Fielder

We enjoyed all the activities =)
–Goodman Fielder

The Cooking Challenge! was a great Teamwork effort!
–Goodman Fielder

The Team Building Challenge! enabled us to learn more about Team Building.
-Kyaw Zin Haike, JSPL

We were able to succeed by working as a team with good co-operation, well-planned strategies and also a positive attitude.

We emerged friends after the session.

The Team Building Challenge! allowed me to learn about having fun while being in a team and doing work!

It was a creative process learning about teamwork.

The Team Building sessions were different from those I have been through so far (e.g.The Geocaching Challenge!)
-IDA Singapore

The Facilitators were excellent. To add on, the environment was pleasant to do the activities that were planned out for us.
–IDA Singapore

Fun was the main element!
–IDA Singapore

The entire experiences was really good, the staffs were helpful. At the end of the day, it met our objectives.
-Intercontinental Singapore

The Team Building Challenge Evaluation was pleasant.
-Intercontinental Singapore

It was a nice meeting!
-Intercontinental Singapore

The program was very good! We all had a fun time as it was truly well spent!
-Marsh Asia

The setting was condusive and quiet. The Faciliators were all very professional and well-experienced in guiding us through the different activities and took excellcent care of our safety.
– Carmen Ntan, MOM

The Team Building Challenge! was lively and entertaining.

We were able to get to know and interact with the new colleagues.

The Team Building session! and activities indeed did help us to bond even closer!
-Amanda, MAS Singapore

Overall, the Facilitators were effective and the venue was appropriate for the activties.
-MAS Singapore

The Facilitators were experienced and they games and activities were fun, exciting and enjoyable.
-MAS Singapore

The Lead Facilitator Shan, and the FOCUS Team were friendly and passionate. They also had an even mix of physical and mental activities.
-Nanyang Business School

The buffets were fantastic. The scenic spots we went to were inspiring and the trekking was a learning journey for me!
-Chancy, NPS

Participation of everyone present in a non-threatening environment/situation for Team Building and Bonding and a day out for this training was good. The Activities were interesting. I wished that we could ride on the boat too:) Lessons were learnt in sharing, time keeping, flexibility, Teamwork, thinking out of the box through the different activties which were beneficial.
-Joan Choo Beng Goon, NUS

There was lot of fun and laughter as well as Team Bonding between myself and the other staff. The FOCUS Team are whom we do not know and they have left an impression. The Lead Facilitator James was so great in relating the Team Building challenges to our daily work life. Overall the video session was the most enjoyable moment for us.
-Rachel Kho, NUS

The Incredible Race was interesting but unfortunately, the time allocated was too short. Thanks for the organizing the programme.
-Soong Beng Ching, NUS

The Facilitator made everyone participanted and enjoyed all the sessions

I was glad that I managed to complete the program! Indeed, at the end of the day, there was a sense of satisfaction!

The activities enabled much interaction amongst the team members.
-Heidi, NEA

The activities and venue made for a pleasant time spent with the FOCUS Team engaging in The Team Building Challenge!
– Pun Wui-Mei, NEA

The surprise video that was recorded during our participation in the activities was the best. After quite a tiring day in the hot sun, we all had a good laugh during the video presentation. Good job, Focus!!

We were able to interact with one another during Team Building session.

The Team Building Challenge! was a fantastic combination of quality ambience, presentations, buffet lunches, and refreshing activities.

The Geocaching Challenge! and Team Building session were good record by everyone and we had an enjoyable day.

The FOCUS Team were nice, friendly and efficient. The photos and video that were taken were very hilarious!

Thank you for an enjoyable time during The Team Building Challenge!
-Helen Lin, NETS

The Geocaching Challenge! was the first time I used a GPS. It was interesting!

I had a wonderful time in Bintan with FOCUS Adventure and must say this is one of the Team Building I enjoyed most for the past few years.
-Ivy Oo, Philips

I love the activities we played. It was nice and bring alot of laughter and joy to the groups. Even The Team Building Challenge! was light but we get to mingle around at our leisure.

The Team Building Challenge! was a fun and relatively non-threatening environment that allowed management and peers to mingle freely.
-Derek Maggs, SAP

The activties were great, fun and enjoyable!
-Chua Soo Ping, SIM

The activity, Helium Hula was so difficult to manipulate. It is indeed that looks can be deceiving. Overall, I had a great time! The program was well executed and the Facilitators really worked hard to achieve the objectives.
-Kristin, SIM

Every team member is very important. We may have been grouped in 4 teams, but we work as 1 group.
-Nasirudin, SMRT

We learned how to overcome the challenges in a pleasant way.
-Seriram a/l Appanah, SMRT

We learned about the importance of teamwork, coordination and lastly, being prepared for the unexpected changes in our enviroment.
-Wong Kok Ming, SMRT

We learned that teamwork, communication, mutualrespect and help each other were essential for us to achieve a common goal.
-Yeo Siok Eng, SMRT

The Team Building Challenge! was fun and enjoyable.

The activities were interesting and pleasant.

The Facilitators were very approachable and were able to convey values learnt from every single activities involved.

The Team Building Challenge! provided a unique way of demonstrating teamwork
-Leo Li, Standard Chartered

I enjoyed fellowshipping with my teammates!
-Mary Phua, Standard Chartered

I applaud the FOCUS Team’s patience and enduring liveliness throughout the entire session.
-Standard Chartered

The Team Building Challenge! was a good experience.
-Standard Chartered

It was great having the chance to interact with inter-department colleagues whom we don’t meet regularly at work.
-Helene, Tektronix

It was an excellent experience engaging in The Team Building Challenge!