The theme of our Team Building is Change Management so the activities are designed quite well match with it.
-Dinh Thanh Phuong, AIA

Good Facilitator, right pace and well planned.
-Ameet Mehta, Bunge

Truly enjoyed the FOCUS challenges and Banyan Tree is a great hotel.
Can’t complain! I had a great time. Spa @ Banyan Tree : excellent!
Cheers all!
-Ana, Bunge

I can only echo what has been said so far.It was well organized,fun and good bonding!
-Jens Stolte, Bunge

My next job is to be a safety expert in the building of roller coasters (after experiencing The Rollercoaster Challenge!).
-Kevinder, Bunge

Event was perfect. Good hotel, good logistics, good activities and most of all, very good company.
-Maricar, Bunge

Thanks. Really enjoy it.One of the best Team Building we had.Spa @ Banyan Tree: Very Good. But it will be even better if there have 2 hrs of massage + 1/2 hr calming session….. total 2.5hrs
-Peggy, Bunge

Fun Learning with Group.
-Sundeep, Covidien

The High Elements helped some members in my Team to overcome their fear and allowed them to have a breakthrough.
-Benjamin Ng, CMA

Innovative activities and programmes that stimulated creative thinking.
-Paul Choong, CMA

I truly enjoy myself at the course as I bond with my fellow MIDians.
-Yu Huimin, CPF

Great Team Building!
-Catherine Tay, De Lage Landen

It was a fun experience for the Team and it achieved our objectives. Job well done for all!
-Celine Chua, De Lage Landen

Fun interactive activities allowed better understanding towards colleagues.
-Yvonne Soh, De Lage Landen

Engagement of the whole Team in Team actitivities.
-I.K. Park, Dupont

Our winning team (DTT) location was the key for making this meet more pleasant, exciting and memorable. Thank you!
-Sai Prasad Joshi, Dupont

Training was held out of Spore, thus more relaxing and fun.
-Catherine Liang, HTL

Cooperative participants. Well organised event. Nobody was injured in the process.
-Gan Siok Lin, MOM

The debrief after each activity was useful in that pertinent lessons to be learnt were highlighted for the paticipants’ consideration.
-Kevin Teoh, MOM

The activities’ objectives – lively and FUN!
-Suriati, MSD

Everybody had great FUN and worked along side by side with each other

Mouse Trap activity, indoor facilities, ourdoor view; all together it was an excellent experience.

The activities were simple to folow and objectives were clear. Overall, it’s a light and enjoyable course.
-Alvin Ong, NTUC Income

The food was good. The environment was suitable for outdoors Team Building activities – makes you feel like you are living in a kampong. The pace was good, not draggy, and not too fast.
-Rohaizad, NTUC Income

It is my first time attending such a programme. It is fun and also drove home the point of Teamwork and to be able to see a common goal with our working partners/other depts within the same organisation. It is enlightening. Good job to the organiser!
-Lyria, OpenNet

This is my first time attending this FOCUS Adventure. All events are interesting. Hope to attend more of these Adventures in future.
-Tan Guo Hao, Clarence, OpenNet

1. Good Facilitator 2. There were various kind of activities to be chosen from
-Christina Lim, P&G

I enjoyed the whole program.
-Joey, P&G

I am happy to see that the Team has enjoyed themselves, as much as I did.
-C.S. Chang, Qualcomm

Most of the activities were focused on Team building for a Team.
-Lakshmeesha Vasudeva, Qualcomm

It has been a great programme that has been planned for Qualcomm and we deeply appreciate all the efforts from the FOCUS Team for making this a very successful event for us.
-Sandy Yeo, Qualcomm

Overall experience has made us break the ice towards our superior. We can actually enjoy with each other, making us closer like family….and I strongly agree these activities should be held annually.Thank you FOCUS.
-Najib, Schneider

The Rollercoaster Challenge! was great exercise for us to plan, dicusse and build up the rollercoaster. It involved alot of interaction between the members in the group. Grat exercise for us to work as a Team.
-Pei Mei, Schneider

Overall, the Facilitators were nice and patient despite language barriers. Their enthusiasm helped to work up the crowd and made the Team Building more fun and filled with laughters.

Good customer service and friendly.
-Christine Quek, Sea Consortium

Very lively and energetic activities. Just wish that the learning points to be drawn out are stronger.
-Ivy Goh, Sony

The Facilitators were excellent; ensuring everyone feel comfortable and making the activities fun! Well planned activities
-Lim Cai Ling, Sony

I think the activities were fun. But of course, personally I prefer more active games (though it greatly depends on the crowd). I think the Faciliator was great – funny and able to engage the crowd!

All are willing to join the activities and no one was left out.
-Tan Kim Kuan, Tanjong Katong Girls’ School

Get to have fun and laugh with one another.
-Tanjong Katong Girls’ School