Educating on Sustainability through Exposure!

Educating on Sustainability through Exposure!

With COVID-19 still causing inconvenience for many, we continue our mission in the name of sustainability! This activity was derived from having our own internal sessions in hopes to preserving our environment. Thereafter, we decided “hey lets invite everyone else in on the fun! To be away from work and stressful environment, we practice the idea of mindfulness to enjoy the serenity of the environment and provide a platform for all ages.

Although people tend to preach about conserving the environment the impact only comes when you actually come see it for yourselves! Every session that we attempt would only contribute to perhaps 0.0001% of protecting the Earth BUT if we all contribute and work together eventually that small percentage would continue to grow especially into good habits to our next generation.

Hence this is where we create the opportunity to spread the knowledge to all who are willing to learn and to enjoy! So wait no further, come join the family and our mission to sustainability!

6 March 2020 Recce trip to St John Island – Exploration and Adventure awaits!

6 March 2020 Recce trip to St John Island – Exploration and Adventure awaits!

It was a fulfilling trip to St John Island, along with our partners from various government statutory boards and schools. Hiking around the island gave us a chance to learn and understand the different types of endangered plants and life in St John Island. The more important underlying message was about raising the awareness of taking care of the environment. Sustainability is everyone’s duty towards us and Mother Earth and hence, the CSR team aims to develop and run sustainability-based programme! The possibilities of outdoor adventure learning on the island is limitless, from going there by sea (kayaks, dragon boat etc) to nature walks and even a sustainability-themed environment excursion for both kids and adults! If you are interested to find out more, feel free to contact us at

22 Feb 2020 A Walk To Appreciate Mother Nature!

22 Feb 2020 A walk to appreciate Mother Nature!

What may seem ordinary from a distance may be more than meets the eye! That was how we felt when we took a stroll during low tide near the shores of Raffles Marina. We had to be cautious with each step as you may not know; there might be living creatures right under your feet. Even a closer look at the trees would amaze you as it is filled with different life forms coexisting together. Environmental education is enlightening as it teaches you that no matter how small or trivial, beautiful looking or not, all organism contribute to the ecosystem. It is our aim to also reach out with regards to the importance of the environment and that all of us play a part to keeping our Earth clean! The best part is to enlighten our next generation to be able to appreciate the outdoors! Hence if you are interested feel free to contact us at

Build Towards Success!

Build Towards Success!

The FOCUS Adventure Sustainability team strives to continue giving and creating smiles for all those around us! It was indeed a challenge having to ensure these bikes are properly maintained, fixed and sent to our beneficiary! All the hard labour was definitely worth it at the end of the day as we managed to deliver a total of 30 bicycles at once! These were also properly checked and sanitised before transferring to our beneficiary’s location with only one lorry! We thank everyone, our participants, our colleagues and our beneficiaries for making this possible! We look forward to continue impacting people and create meaning in lives!

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

FOCUS Adventure firmly believes in making a difference in the society. Being an official registered Social Enterprise under raiSE.

The CSR team in FOCUS Adventure not only brings an impact to the participants, but also to our beneficiaries as well. We strive to build the connection with underprivileged children and youths through our Adventure Learning methodology, creating more opportunities by equipping them with leadership skills and a positive attitude, thus allowing them to independently open more employment opportunities through our internship programmes.

If your company is looking to do a teambuilding programme and yet to also impact the society.

“The most beautiful thing is to see a person smiling… but it is even more beautiful to know that you are the reason behind it!”



is one of FOCUS Adventure most significant innovation in our 20 years of history. It is a 24 meters high hourglass shape tower that comprises of a series of 20 different challenges at 4 different levels.

TCH is designed as a team based experience where groups of 5 to 6 participants are connected to each other to scale the tower, conquering challenges with the support of every team member.

The TCH experience is ideal for learning experiences that are centred on leadership, teamwork, change management and character development.

The unknown (and hence risk & fear factor) is synonymous with Change. In order to experience the “Possible”, one has to reach out to touch the “Impossible” and this will require stepping out of one’s own comfort zone to take risks, confronting FEAR and turning it into FAITH – in the system, in the team and in oneself. The climb is a metaphoric experience for the participants, as individuals and as a team, embarking on a journey of Discovery, Transformation and Achievement.

Mobile Adventure Programmes

Mobile Adventure Programmes

Mobile Adventure Programmes are so named because they can be conducted almost anywhere in the world! Using minimum props and setup, our experienced Facilitators can provide an experiential learning programme that delivers results. You can choose to hold these activities in a function room, a garden courtyard, at the beach. You name it and we will definitely be able to find suitable activities to attain your objectives.

Inter- Link

Using the ropes provided, teams is to form a web-like device to support a ball and transport it from Point A to Point B


Teams will have to replicate a masterpiece that will be shown to each team member at a time. The objective is for the team to ‘catch’ the ‘spy’ within their own team.

Building Blocks

Building Blocks

Challenge for teams to construct an exact replica of a LEGO Model ONLY by what is being described to them by their other team mates.

Alpha Link

The team’s task is to make one successful crossing from one end to another, whilst keeping physical contact with one another.

Mine Field

To retrieve a particular designed lego chip in a minefield whilst being blindfolded

Tower of Hanoi

Tower of Hanoi

Discs of different sizes are being placed onto the poles and participants are required to move these discs from 1 pole to another while adhering to strict parameters.

Mission Impossible

Participants must crack their brains to solve the scenario. They must extract a bottle from a “hot zone”, which they are not allowed to step into. Furthermore, the bottle contains a “bomb”, which must be removed before the bottle can be moved.

Helium Hula

Challenge to raise and lower a hula hoop as a team


Warp Speed

Challenge to pass the tennis ball within the fastest possible time! "Can you do better?!

Mousetrap Tower

Challenge to activate (set up) & deactivate mouse trap. Challenge to make a tower using activated mouse trap.

Construction Maze

Challenge for teams to construct a 3 dimensional structure consisting of two opposing stacked pyramids with limited or no knowledge of the building process.

Key Punch

Key Punch

Challenge to “key” in the numbers in correct order within the shortest time

Blindfold Shape

Challenge to form various shapes in own groups while being blindfolded.

Turning Point

Challenge to flip over a canvas while the team remains standing on it.


Challenge for every team member to run through a revolving rope without the rope stopping at all


Challenge for the teams to transfer a set of balls into the various buckets. Using only ropes given, the team is to balance the ball within strict parameters to support the ball.


The team is tasked to put together a story from a set of sequential images. Each participant is given an image but is not permitted to show it to anyone else. Together, the team has to figure out the correct sequence.

Group Juggling

Group Juggling

Challenge for teams to juggle a set of tennis balls as a team (tossing & catching)

Adventure Learning Programmes

Adventure Learning Programmes

FOCUS Adventure runs innovative experiential learning programmes tailored to your specific needs. We run 3 levels of programmes, each suited to meet different requirements

Enjoy fun-filled activities such as kayaking, rafting challenge and Amazing Race-type programmes with your colleagues and their families outside the workplace. Ideal for a large number of participants and can be conducted at the beach or in function rooms, depending on your needs.

According to Warren Bennis, organisation development (OD) is a complex strategy intended to change the beliefs, attitudes, values, and structure of organisations so that they can better adapt to new technologies, markets, and challenges. For any organisation to gear ahead of competition, OD efforts need to focus at 3 key areas, Leadership, Team and Change, at an organisation wide level.

These complete the fundamental training programme meant for all levels within the organisations. Over the last 12 years, more than 150,000 people have participated in these programmess, soaking in the fun and experiencing the valuable learning processes as a team.The Leadership Challenge! is about how leaders mobilize others to get extraordinary things done and turn challenging opportunities into remarkable successes. The conceptual framework of the activities is based on Kouzes and Posner, The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership®The Teambuilding Challenge! creates the culture for successful teams and the motivation to advance towards excellence. It unlocks the synergy in the team and drives the team to high performance levels. FOCUS Adventure has been awarded the largest tender for teambuilding in year 2007 by Singapore Power. Please refer to case study for our success story.The Innovation Challenge! is a feat of creativity and imagination. Achieve breakthrough in thinking and explore what makes a great brand, a great organisation. The programme is designed to address the processes and systems in the organisation and how change could be effectively managed.These programmes address specific training objectives and are ideal for a variety of situations. They typically run from 1/2 to 3 days.

These programmes seek to address organisations’ development objectives such as instilling corporate values or helping to ease a major restructuring. Our consultants will meticulously go through your needs to assist in planning a training session to meet your objectives and maximise team involvement in the decision-making process.Frequently, cross-functional and cross-cultural issues, leadership development, effective communication, change management, problem solving, organisation vision, mission and values are incorporated into our programmes in line with corporate needs.FOCUS Consulting is the answer to your developmental needs.

The Experience

The Experience

You may wish to kick off the agenda with ice-breakers, aimed at dissolving participants’ physical and mental barriers prior to a conference or seminar. These initiate effective communication channels by enhancing group dynamics, building trust and increasing confidence among team members.

Greater thrills await participants who take on our Low and High Ropes Courses, Paintball, Team Challenge Rescue or the ultimate Team Challenge Pyramid! Standing at 25 metres, the pyramid tower is highly effective in unleashing individual decision-making skills to overcome obstacles along the way. Providing a high level of perceived risk, the tower can only be conquered with the support and encouragement of all team members, thereby offering each participant the experience of a lifetime!

Corporate Teambuilding Singapore

Corporate Teambuilding Singapore

Discover the highly impactful Adventure Based Experiential Learning programmes of FOCUS Adventure Training Centre. As one of the region’s most comprehensive outdoor adventure training facility, FOCUS programmes are flexible and can be integrated with banquet and conference packages, as well as luxurious accommodation.

Based on the concept that participants learn most when they enjoy and become actively involved in the process, experiential training is proven to dramatically improve team and individual skills in:














Discover FOCUS’ unique method for corporate training. As one of the region’s most experienced companies, we are able to offer a comprehensive range of teambuilding activities to suit your needs, as well as a variety of partners so that you can have more flexibility in the planning of your training programmes.