JUNE 2021

“Great event, highly recommend it! ”
June Cheung
Oracle Advertising
“It’s very creative and fresh idea to so an amazing race virtually.”
June Cheung
Oracle Advertising
“Appreciate the video at the end. Thank you!”
Senior Manager, MCCY
“Great work team! Totally engaging and enjoyable … brings to the forefront teamwork with joy and fun ”
“Great FAcilitation by the facilitators. We are definitely very engaged throughout the whole session! Thank you!!”
“We enjoyed ourselves! It was so fun bonding with our colleagues!”
“Programme was fun and interactive. Well-planned and coordinated with organiser. The session was carefully adapted to include discussion segment requests. ”
Kubaren Algasamy
Industrial Relations Officer, Union of Security Employees
“Awesome job by FOCUS Adventure”
Gwen Ng
“Awesome and a lot of fun! Great team spirit”
Manager Digital Data Analytics, Philip Morris Malaysia
“I had fun bonding with my team over the fun and creative activities! Great experience!”
Siti Kamirah
Teacher, Yuhua Primary School
“Thank you for organising the enjoyable team bonding session via Zoom! Special thanks to Bryan, our friendly FAcilitator! ”
EL HOD, Yuhua Primary School
“It was really fun and intense ! Enjoyed it ! Thank you! ”

MAY 2021

“An innovative approach to online teambuilding”
Chen Shu Kai
Dy Director, EMA
“Awesome work by the team! had great fun with my team”
Ashwin Singh
Business Analyst, AWS
“First time doing a virtual team bonding. it was great!”
Jameson Soh
Country Ops ,AWS
“Had fun with the virtual escape room and everyone was well engaged throughout the day. Not easy to organise team bonding under such circumstances, but well done on being able to still organise this and have everyone know each other better”
Lydia Koh
Manager, EMA
“The main FAcilitator for today was super enthusiastic and really carried the entire organization. Well done Gavin”
“Activity was refreshing, super fun, and very helpful in breaking the ice between colleagues new to the organization, Great FAcilitation too ”
Fundraising Intern, NCSS-FREG
“I had an enjoyable time!”
Cecilia Neo
“Good job FOCUS team! I enjoyed it but I think it’ll be great if it is physical activity! Awesome”
Junaina binte Mohamed Eusope
Executive, EMA
“I felt that the programme was well executed. The FAcilitators from FOCUS Adventure were in high spirits which created an environment to be less tense
Amazon Web Services
“Expectation met! Had a lot of fun.”
Kelvin Teo
“The main FAcilitator for today was super enthusiastic and really carried the entire organization. Well done Gavin”
“Lightweight and good bonding with peers from different functions. I like the messing up of roles some get to be TM, MM and OM.
Joey Chan
Senior Manager, NCSS
“The virtual induction programme is something new and refreshing, overall a pleasant experience.”
Jonathan Lee
Senior Engineer, Energy Market Authority

APRIL 2021

“Relaxing, Team work, great time, Fun…”
Ashok Kumar
Head – SUIS, India, CA, Merck Life Science Private limited
“Everything was well timed. very interactive.”
]Muhammad Safwan Bin Abdullah
Assistant Engineer, PUB
“Wished we could have a physical run… T..T Very engaging facilitators! Well done.. ”
Low Zhan Hong
Engineer, PUB
“FAcilitator and the FOCUS Adventure Team were very professional. Kudos especially to Gavin as it is not easy doing a virtual team building session. ”
Junhao Toh
Manager, MCCY
“Nice way to meet MPA colleagues i otherwise may not meet”
Gayathiri Asohan
“Nice way to meet MPA colleagues i otherwise may not meet”
Gayathiri Asohan
“All the activities were interesting with great FAcis”
Nur Iryanti Bte Azlan
Assistant Vessel Traffic Officer, MPA
“Good and practical program.”
Zhao Xiaocheng
VTM Watch Manager, MPA
“Hello, thank you all for today’s virtual team building, very funny!”
Ivy Chiu
“Thanks for the efforts. I believe it has been a challenge to bring the teambuilding aspect to a virtual platform. ”
Chang Hui Chang
“Activities were useful in breaking ice and getting to know other colleagues a little bit better.”
Tng Seok Hieng
“The best we can do in these Covid times…thanks. ”
“The games with good and relatable to both life and work.”
Assistant Veseel Traffic Officer, MPA
“It was my first Virtual Adventure Learning, took me by surprise how interesting it is. ”
Basyir Erwan
Assistant Vessel Traffic Officer, Maritime Port Authority of Singapore
“Interesting Foundation Course put up by the team that focuses on the MPA FIRST Values ! Great Job !”
Ang Jit Hwee
IT Manager, MPA

MARCH 2021

“The games were challenging enough, with sufficient interaction between the participants. Everyone enjoyed the games and it was a good session.”
Lineatte Tan
Assistant Director, Monetary Authority of Singapore
“It is a very unique experience. I like the virtual games!”
Shao Xu
“Thanks for the support! Especially Tessa who answered my queries even after past 12!”
Jocelyn Teh
Exec, IMDA
“It is definitely the most enjoyable session I have so far! The games designed are very interactive and really requires the cooperation and support of every member. This make us understand the importance of teamwork really!”
See Li Xia
Senior Engineer, PUB
“Really fun activities… even my kids are enjoying watching us playing the games.”
Angela Ng
Manager, IMDA
“The virtual escape game was more engaging than I had expected, and the difficulty was calibrated appropriately. FAcilitators were able to manage/pace the program and involve participants.”
Wei Xin
“Gavin and Bryan are really good FAcilitator!. I really enjoy the activities. Lastly, had alot of fun! ”
Wendy Lim
“I enjoyed the session. Overall it was short & sweet”
Rajeswari Dorairaj
Senior Asst HR Officer, Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore
“It is great to learn from this virtual games which was my first time experience after many year with ETD. Well done!!”
Ang Lay Guan
Graphic artisy, ETD
“The programme was super fun and interactive!”
Assistant Engineer, PUB
“Thanks to both Berwin and Bryan facilitators for faciitating this programme. It was a fun and fruitful programme. Thank you ”
Ee Man Ling
Engineer, PUB
“Thanks to Bryan for his patient guidance!”
Yvonne Khoo
Manager Scientific Engagement , Philip Morris Malaysia
“Interesting and fun experience.!! Will recommend to other teams.”
“It was fun and entertaining. I get to learn more about the people i work with”
Zoom, MAS Team Building
“I got to travel the world with my team without leaving the house in the virtual race. My face is so swore from laughing so much. Thank you.”


“Kudos to FOCUS Adventure, it was a fun and meaningful event! ”
Ng Herk Low
Director, Strategic Planning Office, NCSS
“Thank you for a wonderful and enjoyble session”
Lee Teck Lan
Assistant Year Head, Maha Bodhi School
“Thank you for the fruitful session. Though the activity seems simple, we managed to have quite a few takeaways. Good job! ”
Ho Sz Wha
“Job Well done. I had a fun and interesting time”
Ammar Zafran Bin Zulkifli
Engineer, PUB
“Shoutout to Berwin and Bryan for facilitating a smooth team bonding session”
Phua Kian Ming
Engineer, PUB
“Good job! I think the materials are hard to prepare and despite it being virtual, I do feel like I know my members abit more!”
Intern, IMDA
“FAcilitators were very quick to respond to Team 2. Game was fun – liked the local and NCSS elements. Would have appreciated a bit more time/activities to get to know people on a personal level, maybe if we had one more personal prompt other than the COVID one? The game was fun!”
Charmine Chua
Jingchao Yang
“The FAcilitators were helpful and engaging! ”
Tan Limin
Manage NCSS
“Time flew by when everyone was having fun!~ We got to know each other better ”
Joseph Lua Wei Hon
Senior Manager, NCSS
Steve Lee
“An enjoyable, interestign and meaningful session. The time spent was worth it. ”
Principal, Maha Bodhi School
“Good job on the pre-workshop prep and the conduct of the workshop”
SH CCA, Maha Bodhi School
“Thanks Sasi and team for designing such an engaging learning retreat for us. The games and interactions evoke lots of self-reflection for me. Thanks! And take good care ”
Wang Ming Hwee
VP, Maha Bodhi School
“I really enjoyed the activities prepared by the FAcilitators. Thank you so much I hope to attend another similar programme like this again!”
“Very engaging and fun. Time well spent in these COVID times. ”
Arvind Verma
“Great fun, thank you. All the FAcilitators were really good.”
Laurie Mooney
“Gavin is an excellent FAcilitator, he is doing an excellent job here! I was not expecting this fun today, thank you!”
Brenda Chong
Manager-Operations, Merck
“Gavin is an excellent FAcilitator, he is doing an excellent job here! I was not expecting this fun today, thank you!”
Brenda Chong
Manager-Operations, Merck
“Despite it being online, it was fruitful and enjoyable.”
Janice Ee
“Thank you for providing such an engaging session, thoroughly enjoyed myself during the virtual escape room session.”
Wan Wai Theng
Trainee, NCSS


So exciting! I don’t know virtual gathering like this can be so much fun!”
Gary Rustandi
“It’s quite interesting to see how a virtual team-building program can be run. Lots of fun factors. Thanks.”
Diana Goh Registered Nurse
“Great programme. Enjoyed my time with the virtual amazing race! Thanks to Gavin and team!”
Shangkari Rasandran
Assistant Manager, CRED
“Didn’t know what to expect for a virtual teambuilding, but it was so well planned! Fun activities!”
“It’s an enjoyable activity to participate with colleagues especially during this challenging period. Thank you very much for facilitating the event! ”
Serene Lok
Manager, SingHealth
“Was fun, really loved the video – hoping to see it soon!”
Diyls Chua
“Well done! never thought online team building can be so interesting and engaging.”
Luke Lim Candidate
“Very enjoyable time which allowed me to make new friends and do activities that made time pass by quickly! ”
Lidia Maliki
Assistant Manager (Legal Operations & Policy), MCCY (SYC-ROMM)
“Thank you very much for organising a valuable program. It was quite effective to know new colleagues each other. ”
Satoshi akatna
“Pleasantly suprised by how fun and engaging a virtual teambuilding session can be. I guess its the technical problems that affect the quality/ enjoyment of the whole process, but overall still very fun”
Isaac Chua

MARCH 2020

This has been a successful virtual team building activitiy that has achieved objectives discussed and engaging too, even being on virtual platform.
Sherin Low
Director, Sentosa Development Corporation
“I like the way how the trainer bring the messages across through each activities.”
Lau Kah Wei
ITSM, Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore


“FAcilitators were enthusiastic and lively.”
Goh Wan Ting
Ministry of Trade and Industry


“The FAcilitator were friendly and explained in specific details for the all activities that we involved and they know each of the participants behavior well with very short time frame. We really had a good time together and really enjoyed also learn through the activities. Great job to your team effort” Looking forward to work with you again in our next team building programme.”
Susan Tok
Fette Compacting Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
“Activities were fun and engaging. FAcilitators were excellent in guiding and knowledgeable in the subjects. ”
Ong Kok Chuan
Radiation Therapist, NUH
“Very meaningful and enjoyable event.”
Associate, Bank of Singapore (Operations)
“It was fun overall!”
Port Inspector, MPA
“Thank you for the fun and well planned activities for the day! Facilitators were very energetic and clear in their instructions as well~ Really enjoyed the programme!”
Jess Tan
Management Trainee, International SOS Pte Ltd

JUNE 2019

“Time management was very good Flexibility in achieving session goals Encourage teamwork and fun”
Wong Woon Kwong
Director, Singapore University of Technology and Design
“Good job!”
Sandy Zhao Qun
HR manager, Commodities Intelligence Centre Pte Ltd
“Teamwork during the climb Good interaction during the training for understanding DISC behaviour.”
Marco Ng
Customer Care Manager, CenturyLink Technology Solutions
“The host were all friendly and humorous. Really enjoyed the event!! Keep it up!”
Lythia Tan
Finance Executive, Commodities Intelligence Centre Pte Ltd
“The hands-on experience was fun, and it is also a good platform to bond with colleagues from other departments.”
Tan Ee Ping
Manager, Oversea-Chinese Banking Corp
“The lead FAcilitator was very flexible and offered us many options on the actual raining day and was very supportive. Sauyan was accommodating and prompt too.”
Jasmine Sim
Senior Executive, SIM
“That the games were challenging which made them fun to play.”
Manager, Supreme Court of Singapore
“Logistics for the programme was well co-ordinated and the activities were appropriate to the demographics of the participants.”
Foo Siang Chi
Director, OCIF, Singapore University of Technology and Design
“We all have fun during the adventure programme.”
CenturyLink Technology Solutions
HR manager, Commodities Intelligence Centre Pte Ltd
“The Team Challenge Pyramid was to most memorable. It instills team work and allow individuals to challenge and overcome our own fear factor.”
Jess Ng
Admin Assistant, CenturyLink Technology Solutions
“A nice pleasant change from the boring classroom learning. Keep up the good work!”
Leong Wai Kit Vicky
Assistant Manager, Oversea-Chinese Banking Corp
“The hands-on experience was fun, and it is also a good platform to bond with colleagues from other departments.”
Tan Ee Ping
Manager, Oversea-Chinese Banking Corp
“I had fun! the FAcilitators also did a wonderful job at encouraging us.”
Executive, SIM
“FAcilitator was clear and connected well with the participants”
Education Officer, Ministry of Education
“Fun to have an engaging instructor and the logistics was also well prepared by his teammates and also the HR team from MOE. Instructor/FAcilitator was clear, and paced himself and the activities well. It was good that the icebreakers were rather fun and allowed to mlve around and interact with a no. Of people. The video and photos at the end are also a nice touch to end the day:)”
Lek Yan Ru
Manager, Ministry of Education