JOHORSPEEDFEST 2022 was organised by the Johor Yacht and Recreation Club (JYRC) and fully supported by the FOCUS Adventure Group.

Asian Yachting Academy (AYA), SeaOPS and CAMP CHALLENGE were amongst the more than 30 entities that participated in the 3 Days Fiesta!

The SpeedFest showcase exciting activities like Seaplane, ATVs, Superbikes, Kayaking and Yachting.

The Sultan of Johor was the Guest of Honour to launch JOHORSPEEDFEST 2022.

Certified Master Facilitator®

Certified Master Facilitator®

Our FAcilitator, Sasi KUMAR, is now a Certified Master Facilitator®. The title Certified Master Facilitator® is a mark of excellence in facilitation. It distinguishes someone as having achieved the highest certification available in the industry.

The certification process assesses candidates against a rigorous set of competencies. These competencies were developed based on input from over 450 FAcilitators and clients. The result, a certification with the distinction of quality, integrity, talent and service, is one that FAcilitators can aspire to achieve and clients can have confidence in.

With this latest certification, Sasi is now able to deliver more Process FAcilitation programmes that do not just stop at the teambuilding session but go further with stakeholders to develop their teams or achieve effective meetings results using tools such as LSP – LEGO Serious Play, World Cafe, Open Space Technology and many other Process FAcilitation tools.

Find out more about the types of advanced programmes that can be offered here:
FOCUS Consulting 

Going Zero Waste for our Programmes

Going Zero Waste for our Programmes

Leaning on technological breakthroughs, we have proudly made some changes to the delivery of programmes to align with our sustainability vision. We have gone ZERO WASTE for two of our popular programmes; The Rollercoaster Challenge! and The Incredible Race Challenge!

For The Rollercoaster Challenge! instead of giving participants straws and balloon sticks, we have invested in rubber tubes that can do the same job but are reusable! This means that after each programme for The Rollercoaster Challenge!, we are able to reuse 100% of the materials!

For The Incredible Race Challenge! We used to print hard copies for our participants. But we have since moved to have participants’ using their mobile phones to access race content via the e-forms. This has made the activity efficient, interactive and participative for all members of the team! A “leaderboard” is also created electronically via the links where teams can view other teams’ performance in real-time!

Emergenetics Profiling

Emergenetics Profiling

Emergenetics is a tool used to achieve a profile of the person’s behavioural and thinking characteristics.

The theory behind Emergenetics is people are already born with thinking and behavioural traits. The environment and social surroundings then modify and alter these traits and behaviours. Essentially, a person has genetic traits that the environment affects.

The emergenetics test is a self-assessment questionnaire that maps the thinking and behavioural traits of an individual. This profile is broken down into seven emergenetics attributes; four thinking attributes and three behavioural attributes. When each attribute is given a colour, the Emergenetics profile becomes a palette of colours mixed together that paints a picture of one’s personality.

The Monopolised Challenge Competition!

The Monopolised Challenge Competition!

Game enough to compete with your fellow colleagues in this exciting tournament?

Recruit your teammates and get ready to go around Sentosa to “buy” as many properties (gain points) as possible!

At the end of each month, we will tabulate the team scores, the team with the highest scores will  take home the grand prize!

S$100/team, max of 5 members per team ($20/pax)

Any time, any date in the month! Just come together with your colleagues and participate!

Once you made the payment, you will receive a QR code to receive the app for the challenge!

We also have the corporate category where if you represent an organisation, we will compile the scores and announce the winning organisation for the month!

1st place – S$1000

2nd place – S$500

3rd place – S$300

Musings of the FAcilitator

Musings of the FAcilitator

Since the turn of 2022, we’ve tightened the sails and steadied the helm to cruise through a challenging but rewarding year, with organisations yearning to shake off the rust of COVID-19 times.

In the last 2 quarters, we have delivered 199 number of programmes for MNCs, SMEs, Government Agencies and Non-profit Organisations.

Reviewing the data and experiences, we observed four focus areas of teams who have walked through our doors in 2022:

Referencing Bruce Tuckman’s Team Development Model, there are five stages in a relationship – Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing and Adjourning. The model states that everyone will start from the Forming stage when there is a new relationship. From there, teams move progressively towards the Performing stage where they are then able to execute with synergy.

The Covid Babies

 The turbulent covid times threw the workforce into disarray with huge turnover, redefining of workplace roles, and murky confusion matching skills and productivity. New hires coming into the scene went straight into working from home and though they were comfortable, a good portion could still feel the jitters.

Many organisations saw themselves back to the Forming stage with these new members joining in, with the challenge being to claw their way out of the Forming stage and cruise into the Storming stage. The lack of physical interaction meant that teams were unable to have face-to-face conflict resolution opportunities.

This phenomenon has created two scenarios, 1) everyone stays at the Forming stage and remains ineffective as a team and 2) teams having a pseudo Norming false preset that they are all working together well.

The lack of physical interactions had eliminated the Storming stage and left teams stagnant.

The silver lining is that some leaders have recognised this phenomenon in the early stage and  they started creating small group gatherings virtually and/or physically. They created mentorship programmes for onboarding processes that allowed the new hires to feel welcomed and created a sense of belonging.

Since Apr 2022, we saw an influx in teams coming for physical teambuilding, it was evident that many organisations needed to break away from the Forming stage to become effective and efficient

To combat a lowered sense of belonging and purpose, organisations have started to return to physical teambuilding.

Being a teambuilding provider, our role is not to make the team members feel the sense of belonging or give them their purpose. We have customised and curated programmes to get teams to acknowledge what is lacking and formulate action plans. The outcome of the programme is for the teams to acknowledge the gaps and to have them derive their own action plans to move forward as a team.

Through the interventions, we have noticed that leaders have acknowledged this phenomenon and made arrangements for the individuals to have the sense of belonging to the Organisation, such as arranging team dinners, having team retreats and arranging for face to face sessions to build their purpose to align with that of the Organisation again.

The observation of the team moving back to the Forming stage, they are forgiving for mistakes and each other’s different perspectives.


Seniors are more patient and willing to help out the juniors. Interestingly some juniors could have been with the organisation for nearly three years now, and getting this excellent treatment makes the working atmosphere pleasing.

Yet, this forgiving nature could be temporary since everyone is still in the Forming stage. The actual test happens during a Storming stage when people become comfortable working with each other and start sharing their opinions and emotions.

One of the interventions we did in FOCUS Adventure was to quicken the process from Forming to Storming at least by the end of the programme to ensure that teams do not stay in the pseudo-norming stage where everyone thinks that they are performing well as a team, when in fact the lack of storm creates silent frustrations which might build, and explode with time.

Finally, we have seen how the new employee has been bold and willing to build bridges with the seniors. In the olden days, juniors would not take the step to take this action but silently followed instructions. This created the phenomenon of the “Monkey Experiment”, where sometimes people don’t know why they are doing what they are doing. But today’s new hires are well aware and came prepared with the “Why” question.

This “Why” question they asked is not to put down their seniors in the organisation but to build bridges, to understand the seniors and the organisation better.

Some teams welcome this movement as it gets everyone to move into a new dimension and start thinking differently. But there is also the team dominated by the seniors, who still have the older mentality of “listen to instructions first before giving ideas”.

Of course there is debate as there is no right or wrong, the answer depends on the situation that we are in. What matters is to see the other perspective and to remember that at the end of the day, to build bridges between individuals.


This year has been exciting, with teams back physically. The question now will then be, is this new phenomenon helpful and effective?



On the 30th of January, a group of 16 individuals started their Basic Facilitator Course (BFC) 21 journey, all the way till the 3rd of February. For 5 days, this group of strangers bonded over the challenges they faced and made their way through self discovery, laughter, overcoming various obstacles in the spirit of team work.

BFC is scheduled to fit in as many FOCUS Adventure activities as possible for the participants to go through and understand FOCUS’s methodology on experiential learning. The course is an assessment to identify suitable individuals who aspired to be a FOCUS Facilitator and is also opened to any Company’s personnel such as Human Resource Managers, Trainers who want to benefit and learn relevant facilitation skills.

As each of the activities is customized to emphasize the various elements of teambuilding, the experiences ranged from encouraging and supporting each other through physical and mental activities to understanding each other better by using profiling tools as a foundation; resulting in higher tolerance and respect.

Another objective, unique for BFC participants was the preparation and facilitation of activities which was showcased on the last day of the course. As most of the participants were new to FOCUS Adventure, the feelings were mixed with anticipation, excitement as well as not knowing what to expect, but they all went in with a good attitude and ready to step out of their comfort zone. The high number of activities being carried through 5 consecutive days, tied the diverse group together as if they had known each other for a much longer time.

Throughout the course, each participant had his/her personal learning points and achievements. BFC is a course which can unleash great potential, it’s up to each participant how much take away they will gain at the end of the course.

That’s how amazing going through “Where every moment is a challenge” with an open mind is and readiness to encourage and support your team mates can do. Especially in an environment where experienced facilitators can guide you to extract how you can best contribute and incorporate the take away into your daily lif



Early in the morning it is 0730hrs, launching off from Pasir Ris Park. The SeaOPS one star SUPers venture towards Pulau Ubin! We were rewarded with a vast length of greenery as it was low tide and the beach was filled with fresh seaweed swept onto shore.

At 0830hrs, we were off! First check point was towards Sungei Jelutong. Everything was great, cloudy weather, nice slow southwestern winds, and the seas were nice and calm. As we crossed the channel, we were met with some rain and dark clouds but that was not enough to darken our mood!

We paddled deeper into the rich mangrove swamp. We were greeted with the beautiful chirping of the blue jacket kingfisher and the environment was so nice and serene. It was low tide hence we were grounded due to not enough area to paddled, but we turned it into a good opportunity to have some light snacks before continuing on to Sungei Besar. The current was against us but fret not for we managed to pull through navigating our way in the best way possible. We enjoyed ourselves and we were glad everyone was safe and sound, that includes following strict SMM measures!

We have completed a total of 16km journey and we are thankful for all who had the opportunity to join us in joy and laughter while enjoying what the environment has to offer! On behalf of SeaOPS, FOCUS Adventure, we definitely look forward to the next expedition and we look forward to having you join us as well! Wait no longer, click on the link to join us for our next trip or look us up on Outdoor Adventures on Klook and Meetup for our other awesome adventures!



                                                                                            Upcoming Adventure Learning Site Zhuhai, China

We are thrilled to introduce our new Adventure Learning Site at Zhuhai, China. Strategically located next to Macau, FOCUS Adventure Zhuhai will be equipped with High and Low Elements, Team Challenge Pyramid (TCH), Function Rooms and Sea Activities Centre.

Stay tune to more news update as we bring FOCUS brand across the world!

                                                                                World-Class Outdoor Adventure Learning Center in Shenzhou

                                                                                         Calling all adventurers for China’s First TCH Event!

Shanghai, Jan 2011 — The comprehensive resort at Shenzhou Peninsula in Hainan recently announced a collaboration with Adventure-based Experiential Learning consultant, FOCUS Adventure. This project, opening early 2011, aims to value–add and enhance the resort with its wide range of outdoor adventure programmes.

The project hopes that the injection of these outdoor adventure projects together with the Adventure Learning center would excite both the MICE market and adventure lovers. This programme will not only include traditional challenge ropes courses like the Low and High Elements but also the most innovative and comprehensive teambuilding structure, the Team Challenge Hourglass (TCH) and adrenaline-pumping recreational land adventures like All-Terrain vehicles (ATV) and the Beach Club and its unique sea sports.

                                                                                                               Team Challenge Hourglass (TCH)

All-Terrain vehicles (ATV)

As the premier adventure learning provider, FOCUS Adventure has the expertise to design and construct an Adventure Training Center for Shenzhou Peninsula resort, great for corporate teambuilding programmes. The Low Elements like the Spider’s Web, Whale Watch, Low Wall etc encourages participants to work together as a team and develop leadership skills. While the High Elements standing 10m tall, provides participants opportunities to confront their fears and aids trust-building rapidly. However the most anticipated project is a 30m tower called the Team Challenge Hourglass (TCH). The first of its kind in China, it will prove itself to be one of the most comprehensive teambuilding structure in the world. Besides its teambuilding potential, this TCH also incorporates fun recreational elements like the Giant Swing aka ‘Giant Scream’ and Flying Fox (a zip line from the top all the way down). Another truly unique and spectacular TCH experience is its ‘Dinning under the Stars’. On its 10x10m top platform, guests can wine and dine or party exclusively midst the breathtaking view of the golf course’s emerald grassland and vivid blue oceans – A truly unique way of savoring the panoramic view of the Shenzhou Peninsula.

With a wide range of classic and cutting-edge outdoor recreational activities both on land and sea, outdoor sports lovers and adventure enthusiasts will definitely not be left out. Embark on a journey of exploration and excitement on our All-Terrain Vehicles (ATV) as you conquer sharp bends, steep slopes, rugged terrains and sandy dunes. The fun Zorb Ball and the enjoyable Bungee Bounce are also some of the available land adventures. In addition, the Beach Club offers the most popular water-based recreational activities like the high speed JETSKI Safari adventure, the exciting BananaBoat ride, the adrenaline-pumping Flyfish ride, the thrilling Kite Surfing, the luxurious Yacht Cruise/Charter, the ever popular Snorkel and Dive, Bouncy Island (a giant inflatable waterpark system) as well as many other colorful sea sports. Future Adventures includes the Jetboat, ScubaDO, Hovercraft and much more.

Based in Singapore, FOCUS Adventure is the largest outdoor adventure learning consultant in Southeast Asia. The company has provided recreational consulting services a number of large enterprises like Banyan Tree Angsana, Club Med, Bintan Lagoon Resort etc, value adding to each of the respective resorts/hotel developments its wide array of outdoor adventure brands. With the introduction of FOCUS Adventure’s large outdoor adventure programmes, Shenzhou Peninsula, Hainan will prove itself to be a top-notch Outdoor Adventure Learning and Recreational Base in China.

Shenzhou Peninsula is a world-class integrated resort with a variety of vocational facilities. The Dunes Golf Course was designed by the world renowned golf course designing master Tom Weiskopf. The international five star luxury hotels offer a perfect vacationing experience. A comprehensive yacht area and an accompanying resort village combine for the perfect choice for luxurious family vacations. And the area’s resort-style commerce districts incorporate perfect dinning, leisure, entertainment, business and shopping experiences all in one place. The full scope of the area’s masterful planning and design and its comprehensive facilities makes Hainan Island the most ideal vacation paradise in the whole world.

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About Shenzhou Peninsula:

Shenzhou Peninsula, located on the east coast of Hainan Island, boasts a tropical climate with an average yearly temperature between 20°C and 25°C. Having received significant investment by CITIC Pacific, the 18 square kilometers that make up Shenzhou Peninsula will officially open for business in late 2010. Upon opening, the Peninsula will feature a wide variety of leisure facilities, like a 36-hole golf course, luxurious five-star hotels, a marina club and residential areas that boast breathtaking views of the beach. Shenzhou Peninsula resorts will also be equipped with fully functional MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conventions and Exhibitions) facilities and a multitude of dining options. By end of 2010, a high-speed railway that connects Haikou and Sanya will be completed with a station for Shenzhou Peninsula. The train will provide for easy access to a number of scenic spots like Dazhou Island, Dongshan Mountain Range and the Xinglong Tropical Botanical Garden. The railway will allow for travel from Shenzhou Peninsula to Haikou in a mere 40 minutes, and travel to Sanya in only 20 minutes.


Proudly presenting KOKOMO Beach Club … Hainan, China!

Check out more about KOKOMO Beach Club and our very first Adventure Training Centre(ATC) in Hainan at