Our Clients Day 2019 was a HUGE success with about hundred of our clients turning up on the day to give us the support!

This year the Clients’ Day was at Dream Cruises and it was a great adventure onboard the beautiful Dream Cruises ship.

Participants started off with a welcome speech from Dream Cruises where new offerings were shared with attendees together with some really great promotions that could only be heard for those behind the closed doors!

Right after, the attendees started off their adventure by mixing into teams and meeting new people to go around the Dream Cruises ship to do the various activities. They did a rotation of The XR Challenge!, The Xcape Room!, The Mobile Adventure programme! And The Race Kart Challenge!

The attendees solved puzzles, wore the Oculus Go VR headset to diffuse a bomb and put random pipes together to form an almost legit F1 Car!
Just before the day ended they were brought into a beautiful top deck where they had almost 360 view and had great tea together with the opportunity to network with others. The day ended with lucky draw prizes both from Dream Cruises and FOCUS Adventure!

The participants left the ship with a heavy heart as it ended too soon, but a big smile!
We would like to thank all our clients who attended this Clients’ Day and making it a success! This day was for you and we look forward to having you with us for more exciting Clients’ Day!

Let us know what you would like us to do for our next Clients’ Day! Drop us a feedback at info@FOCUSAdventure.com!




It was an intensive and an enriching 3 Days and 2 Nights Sailing Expedition that the 37 participants from MOE Changi Coast Outdoor Adventure Learning Centre (OALC) took charge of from 14- 16 October 2019. Over the course of these 3 days, the OALC participants & the SeaOPS team completed a long and fruitful journey to four islands to learn about them, namely; Pulau Sudong, Pulau Pawai, Pulau Senang & Pulau Satumu.

For Day 1, the Sailing Expedition started off with the participants arriving at Raffles Marina (RM) to get ready and to board the boats. After a recap on the safety briefing, the sailing terminologies, wind direction, furling and unfurling of the sails and understanding of the boats from the four skippers, the team set sail with the four accompanying sailboats; P Power, Maybritt, Zig Zag Wanderer and Latitude. As the team came for a 3 day Competent Crew Course (CCC) from the previous week, their skills and knowledge were more polished and enhanced after the recap.

The team was all set to set sail for their expedition after this recap. Participants were assigned roles and responsibilities and took turns to helm the boat, bring out the different sails and to sail effectively and efficiently, considering the wind directions and current. Despite the strong wind conditions and current against the boats, participants safely and skilfully sailed towards and berthed at Pulau Hantu for an overnight stay using their tents for the full outdoor experience.

On Day 2, the sailboats set sail towards Raffles Lighthouse at Pulau Satumu, passing by Pulau Pawai, Pulau Senang and Pulau Sudong. Participants got to learn about the history and culture using the AR app and their phone without getting off the sailboat. At the same time while passing by these islands, participants managed to catch a glimpse of the reefs as the water was shallow that morning, some even managed to see a sea turtle surfacing.

Finally, they sailed towards and berthed at Lazarus Island in the afternoon. Thereafter, participants made their way by foot to Sister’s Island, just directly opposite Lazarus island. With the guidance of a marine biologist, they went to explore the marine conservation park, looking for interesting species to learn about. Once this was done, they stayed the night at Lazarus island.

On Day 3, participants sailed back to RM. Although some of them were feeling tired, the energy level was high and everyone helped and supported each other at every turn. No man or woman was left behind. Everyone made it back to RM safely in one piece, with a smile on their faces and their hearts filled with joy and contentment.

This was indeed an enriching and positive experience for all and the whole expedition ended with a certificate presentation. What an end to the 3 days and definitely a great sense of accomplishment for all in attendance.




The main concept in “The Pixel Challenge” is for teams to realize that an organization/company is not merely made up of a sum of all its parts, but as one unit, one team, in order to achieve success that exceeds expectations. A paradigm shift is necessary to pull individuals/groups away from the silo mentality or competitive mindset, and set their sights on the bigger picture and the common goal, “The Pixel Challenge” can provide the platform needed for this shift. Teams will be given a picture which they must replicate by painting it onto canvas sheets with materials that must be earned. The setting of the challenge will mirror that of the real working environment, where resources may seem to be scarce until teams decide to share these resources. In doing so, they will soon realize that the picture that they have been assigned to paint is merely part of a bigger picture that the entire team has been tasked to complete. Since only the primary colours are provided, teams will have to find a way to make sure the entire picture is painted with coherence to ensure a beautiful big picture is attained at the end.



Our Facilitator Joey is the first person in Singapore to attain the status of a Certified Competent Facilitator (CCF). This certification is awarded by the International Institute of Facilitation (INIFAC).

The requirements to attain CCF status requires applicant to submit a list of seven varied facilitation experiences, a set of written responses to showcase knowledge in facilitation and a simulated (videotaped) facilitated session to demonstrate facilitation practices. A team of Master Facilitators will then assess and grade the CCF applicant in these three areas. Only when the applicant achieved a certain knowledge and performance standard would he be awarded the CCF status.

The seven facilitation experiences Joey submitted are:

1. Committee handover session for a pharmaceutical MNC.
2. Focus Group Discussion (FGD) for National Volunteer and Philanthropy Center.
3. Work-plan discussion for a consumer goods electronics MNC.
4. Brainstorming session for an agency from the civil service.
5. Work-plan discussion for a pharmaceutical MNC.
6. Strategic planning and review for National Volunteer and Philanthropy Center.
7. Visioning workshop for a local medical facilities.

The attainment of the CCF status by one of our Facilitators further demonstrates the effectiveness of the process facilitation services provided by FOCUS Consulting.



We are deeply grateful to all Corporate Partners and Clients who have supported FOCUS Adventure over the years. FOCUS Adventure will pay it forward by contributing SGD50 to a “Youth Development Fund” for every successful programme delivered in 2015. FOCUS Adventure delivers on average of 650 programmes each year, together with its sister companies (Outdoor Adventures and CAMP CHALLENGE) we hope to contribute the targeted amount of SGD 50,000 by end of the year. Thank you again for your support and celebrating SG50 with FOCUS Adventure!



For MINDS Towner Garden School, to maximise our interaction with the students, this time FOCUS Adventure conducted an indoor programme for the students. On 11th July 2015, 19 students and 8 staff from MINDS Towner Garden School participated in our Angry Bird Trebuchet Challenge! and tapping on our sister company’s expertise on managing children, it provided a more experiential development process for the students.

Working in small groups, the activity requires the students to construct their own trebuchet through the use of PVC pipes and twines. The students who are in Scouts displayed excellent tying and lashing skills. The second segment was the creation of the angry birds (i.e. projectiles) with the use of jumping clay. It allowed us to witness the creativity side of the students. The highlight of the activity was the successful launching of their projectiles by their very own trebuchet which destroyed their designated castle! A great sense of accomplishment was achieved when their projectiles successfully hit the castles!

It was yet another fulfilling day with the students, with much being learnt and shared amongst our staff and the students. Definitely looking forward to the next programme with the students!


The activity was very interactive and the Facilitators were very enthusiastic in mingling with the students. Although most of the students had trouble with the knots, the Facilitators involved the students in ways they can contribute, like cutting the tape or holding the poles together. The students had the most fun kneading the angry birds out of plasticine and attacking the castle using the trebuchet. Thank you for bringing so much joy and laughter to our students!!!
– Ms Michelle Yeo, Job Coach

The activity was very interesting as it involved teamwork & problem solving skills whereby the students together with the volunteer & teacher had to figure out how it worked. The kneading of the angry birds was fun and the students enjoy the outcome of their creations. The volunteers were very helpful and committed in their way they carried out the activity with our students. Overall it was a very well planned programme. Good job FOCUS Adventure Team! Thanks for organising it. Both students & teachers enjoyed the activity.
– Ms Adeline Ong, Teacher



Finally we have set off sails on our two new beautiful Sailboats called Maybritt and L’attitude. On our second sailing programme we brought both Maybritt and L’attitude to sail from Raffles Marina (Tuas) all the way to Sentosa’s One Degree 15; a 10-hour exciting journey down south!

The Sailing started in the afternoon with participants arriving at Raffles Marina to change up and to board the sail boats. With a little quick safety briefing from our very own two skippers, we quickly went onboard and did a quick understanding of the boats, terminologies and roles responsibilities.

Within 15 mintues we were off the ropes and started motoring our way out of the marina. Once we were out, the first 20 mintues was covered up with trainings on wind direction, how the boat works and terminologies. The participants were real quick to pick up the skills, and we did our tack trainings! Tacking is the action done for the boats to go on a “zick-zack” path to cut the wind on a thirty degree angle towards wind to go on a smooth sailing

When a boat is tacked, not only should the skipper move the wheels for the rudder, but the entire sail will move from one end to another. This means the entire team has to release the ropes on one end and to tighten the other; this comes with coordination and communication. With much practice, the teams started to tack faster and faster. The timing was brilliant and the speed of the boat did not drop too much after every tack. The hardest part was to furl the genoa (front sail) in to bring it over to the other side. Now the rope used to furl is comparatively small with the others, therefore takes more strengths, and sometimes, more people!

Two gentlemen trying to furl the genoa in!

With someone furling the genoa, another few had to pull in the genoa towards the other direction, and with the strong winds, it was almost impossible if it was not for the team’s enthusiasm and efforts put together!

Three gentlemen trying their all to pull the genoa as close to the centre of the deck as possible!

Of course that was not the end of the task, since it is The Sailing Challenge! Teams were tasked to open up the second sail which was at the back called the Mizzen. As we were sailing and getting good at the tacks, teams wanted to move faster, therefore the call was given from the skipper to open up our Mizzen. Now, the sail had to be brought up while still traveling and this required loads of effort, balance and communication. As the sail sheets were pulled higher, wind started to catch the sail and it became heavier and heavier. With enough manpower, the sail eventually went all the way to the top!

Finally all three sail were up; the boat started to pick up phase, and traveled at an average of 6 knots. This was not the end as, there was a new challenge awaiting the team. It was seemed as though; every moment they overcame a challenge a new one popped up. This time round, the daylight was going down and the teams had to move faster to get closer to Sentosa before it became too dark out in the sea. Eventually the teams made it straight out and reached Onedegree15 at 2200 hrs. Everyone still had energy to jump off board and to give each other a hi-5! What was the most exciting part of the programme was asked, and everyone without fail shouted “Sailing!”

Our Sail is up, and ready for the next challenge!
Sign up now and try this new and exciting experience with your own team today!
Get ready to furl Sail is up, and ready for the next challenge!



Let’s welcome in our latest and newest program FOCUS Adventure would like to offer – The Build-a-Bike Challenge!

This programme is not just a usual teambuilding program, but ontop of all the teambuilding elements that can be learnt from the program, there is also a CSR component in it. The bikes build by the participants will be delivered to a less fortunate kid chosen by the company or some organisation FOCUS Adventure is working closely with.

We delivered two programs with each building about 12 working bikes.

The program started as our usual FOCUS Adventure program; therefore participants who came down had no idea about the CSR element

When the Build a Bike Challenge was introduced to them, they took it as a competition. Teams went to do fringe activities to earn more materials to build their customised front baskets.

Once everybody got back, and half way building the bikes, teams were told to stop their work and to settle down. This point many were having the “What is happening” look, but listened and sat down facing the screen.

The next thing that happened was a video that was played about a particular family service centre. The video shared about what the family service centre does and how they help the people in need. For this program we engaged Viriya Family service centre whom were so forth coming in helping out with this vision and project. At the end of the video, the main facilitator came to the front and announced to everyone that the bikes that they were building were for less fortunate children where the bikes can mean more than just a bike, but HOPE – The hope to live life to the fullest and to enjoy their childhood. At the end of the speech, everyone was given close to 60minutes to complete their bikes, and everyone sprung into action and started building a bike every child deserved.

In the end, all the bikes turned beautifully well with small messages written on the basket for each kid for them to be happy and not to lose hope

The final product being delivered to the lucky children becomes of these kind souls!

Note: All bikes were checked thoroughly again for safety reasons before it was passed to the children.



Located in between the two beaches of Tanjong Beach and Palawan beach in Singapore’s Sentosa, The 4th generation TCH showcases the epitome of knowledge and experiences we have accumulated over the years from building the previous 3 generations.

The TCH offers an overwhelming experience for any team which would accept the challenge; on retrospect, It was safe to say, when the first team of participants cleared the obstacles and various challenges to the top on 20th February 2016, they were in awe of the marvelous and unique sea view offered only by the TCH, after which, they were treated to an exclusive and thrilling experience of a free fall (while safely attached to a flight line system, of course!) to the ground.

For more info, please visit http://www.TeamChallengeHourglass.com