MAY 2010

The FOCUS Adventure learning site was a nice location with fun Team Building games.
-Jovine Ho, Asia Pacific Breweries

A chance for the entire marketing team to be away together, minimising distractions, and bonding together.
-Asia Pacific Breweries Ltd

It was fun and relaxing as it allowed strong Team Building amongst members.
– CapitaMall

I was able to overcome a past setback during the 2nd day when I finally conquered the Postman Walk.
-Charles Moy, Central Provident Fund

The activities were very interactive and the presentation was inspirational, not forgetting, the Facilitator was also entertaining!
– Chee Wei, Central Provident Fund

The activities held were able to hype up the participation. The video captured were memorable moments.
– Emerson

All the activities and overall lead Facilitator was very good and motivativing.
– Emerson

I had fun with my colleagues regardless of designation!
– Emerson

The ATV ride is so cool!
– Su Qi Qi, National Instruments

It was a right balance of both physical and+ non-physical activities. The Facilitator was witty and he was able to engage the group. The actvities were fun and easy to comprehend.
-Lynette Yong, Procter & Gamble

The programme was done in a very funny and relaxed way which makes it very enjoyable, doesnt feel like work!
-Procter and Gamble

The team all enjoyed themselves. I think the FOCUS Team did a very good job. I was very happy with the program. I really liked the fact that the goodie bags were kept in the other room and was only brought over at the end of the program so everyone was so pleasantly surprised when they turned around and saw the bags. It was a really nice finish to the program. Thank you and I certainly look forward to the next time!
-Lynette Yong, Procter & Gamble Asia Pte. Ltd

These simple activities are fun and i realise the importance of information sharing, teamwork and collaboration for performing.
-Renesas Technology

The lunch and tea breaks and of course with the FOCUS Team all made this a fantastic event, cheers! 
-Sally Lim, Renesas Technology

The video recap was hilarious.
-Agnes Ang, Singapore Institute of Management

This is the most fun and useful Team Building event that i have ever attended! The Lead Facilitator was great and awesome! During the activity called Trolley, I will always remember what he said: An Obstacle that we encounter can be an Opportunity to us! Big thanks to the Photographer/Videograhper, for his great work too! 
-Ming, SMRT

The making of a Raft during The Rafting Challenge! where teamwork, communication and every ideas are taken into consideration is essential and important.
-Parman Bin Tarojo, SMRT

The programme was fun and I learnt a lot from it.
– Starhub

All of us who were present were fully participative and that made it a successful event.
-Erinna Lim, Starhub

The Facilitator was able to inject enthusiasm and move the participants. He was also efficient and effective in getting things done in a short time.
-Cheng Shin Joo, UBS

APRIL 2010

The FOCUS Facilitators and Team members made this pleasant. Any activity that we do, if accompanied by a group of very close people always makes it pleasant.
-Kintu Shah, Advanide

I got to know more and understand more of my colleagues at work thus building up a closer working relationship with them.
– Max, American Power Conversion

Through the Energisers, we got to know each other better in the hope of building long term relationship.
– Yeo, American Power Conversion

Great team at FOCUS Adventure. Keep up the good work. The whole objective of Teamwork was definitely met. We are a much closer team now. Thank you FOCUS Team.
– Nerissa de Rozario, American Power Conversion

The support and encouraging spirit from my Team mates in all the challenges that I went through made this trip a memorable one for me!! And the Facilitators from FOCUS were great too, be it on the ground or up there at the Team Challenge Pyramid!
– Soh Siew Lan, American Power Conversion

The Lead Facilitator managed to involve all the participants and liven up the mood with his humourous jokes. There were a lot of group participation so that everyone could get different opportunities to mingle around with other colleagues. I enjoyed the finale by ending it with the song and presenting the certificate to my colleague who spent the day with me.
– Sally, Changi General Hospital


The Geocaching Challenge! was really a good workout exercise for everyone of us as we had to run and climb stairs while most of the time, we stay indoors, facing the LCD screen. Overall I find the training enjoyable for us.
-Doreen Loh S Y, Central Provident Fund

Staff were relaxed and that made sharing easy.
– Ngiam Su Ying, Central Provident Fund

There was a good mixture of outdoor and indoor activities.
-Sharlene Lee, Central Provident Fund

We learnt that getting out of our comfort zone is difficult but there are always changes infront of us hence we should always do our best and prepare for the changes.
– Winniew chew, Central Provident Fund


The FOCUS Adventure learning site was great with a wide selection of activities with energetic Facilitators.
– Balakrishna, EAC (Regional Food and Beverage)

Bravo …!!
– Wong Tse Chen, Jurong Shipyard

The atmosphere created by your abled Facilitator was good and enabled us to effect a happy bond and cooperation amongst our staff, even though some of them hardly know each other. Through your well organized management of the activities and time control, we were so eager to work as a team to complete the assignment and acheive recognition. Many thanks to your efficient FOCUS team who made my day. I was like a child again! And I learnt some meaningful tips in working as a team.
-Vincent Tang, Knight Frank Estate Management

To see everyone putting their heads together to solve the building of their individual parts was encouraging. At least more heads were better than one head! I enjoyed the introductory part on setting our expectations right and that I agree that we all have different levels of expectations.
-Eileen Quek, Knight Frank Estate Management


Excellent programme, I enjoyed it immensely. Good job FOCUS Team!
– Stefan Goh, Ministry of Manpower

Very enriching!
– Vincent Lim, Ministry of Manpower

Good job! It’s fun and enjoyable!
-Spencer Lim, , Ministry of Manpower

Even though I was not too keen on The Cooking Challenge! to begin with, I went with an open mind just to have some good fun with my colleagues and at the end of it, I did – thanks for making it happen for us!
– Susan Chan, National University of Singapore

It was fun and challenging in the bidding round. We had to know what are the food needed, and how many ice-cream sticks we have, and do the bidding accordingly. For the Cooking Challenge!, we needed to plan of what to cook and how to cook. Overall, It was tiring but fun.
-Lim A, National University of Singapore

All of us had such a great time yesterday! Our heartfelt thanks to the FOCUS Team for giving us such a memorable Team Building experience! We look forward to organizing another event with FOCUS Adventure in the near future.
– Cheong Pey Ling, National University of Singapore


All the moments allowed us to get to know each other better.
– Singapore General Hospital

Thanks for letting us download the photos and giving us each a copy. Nice touch!
– Singapore General Hospital

Thanks! Had great fun and knew more people and what my Team mates are all capable of.
– Singapore General Hospital

Fantastic activities! I had so much fun with my colleagues! Thank you for the photos. Great use of audio visual with video.
– Singapore General Hospital

The Lead Facilitator was able to continue engaging the audience and deal with spontaneous comments. It was an informal and fun way to get to know more of my colleagues with the objective of improving our Teamwork. It was wonderful to witness the camaraderie among our large department even though some of us are doing something together for the first time.
-Singapore General Hospital

It was a good opportunity for Team Building outside of hospital setting.
-Singapore General Hospital


I enjoyed our get together and the experience at FOCUS Adventure!
– Ronny Wang, Singapore Prison Services

THE INCREDIBLE RACE is a refreshing concept.
– Singapore Prison Services


Thanks! Our people really enjoyed the activities that the FOCUS Team has prepared that day. I heard good things about FOCUS from my colleagues previously but after working with all of you for this event, I am convinced that FOCUS is really good! I will definitely remember FOCUS when there are any Team Building events to organize in the future!
-Boon Keng, Singtel

It has been a wonderful new Financial Year kickoff event for the GA team on 30 Apr (Fri). The whole day session has brought plenty of enjoyment, good memory along the message of “Making A Difference” to everyone of us. We are very appreciative of FOCUS commitment to have all items in place given the extremely tight timeline to work on. It is evident that great effort has been made to have our company logo with the event theme indicated on the “Finger Blaster”. Once again, we would like to express sincere thanks to the FOCUS Team for your hard work. Thanks!
-Sean Wong, Singtel

The program was light hearted and fun-filled which catered to the different age group and gender.
– Singtel


The activities were very appropriate for the team as they improved our concept about Teambulding.
-Emerito Canaya, SKF Logistics Services Asia

It was a wonderful experience in building a team with SKF family and being led by the FOCUS Team. Good job and keep up the good work.
-Husein, SKF Logistics Services Asia

The Facilitators were passionate in making the people involved fully in the Team Building activities. There was also co-relation of objectives of the activities/games with working environment in office. Overall it was excellent.
– S Mani, SKF Logistics Services Asia


On behalf of all of us in Societe Generale who attended the Offsite at Sentosa, I would like to thank the FOCUS Team for the excellent organisation and fun outdoor activities. Feedback from the participants were great. We all had a good time and enjoyed ourselves thoroughly.Thank you for the nicely framed up photo. We will certainly consider FOCUS again for our next offsite.
– Mabel Sim, Societe Generale, Singapore


Had great fun. Keep up the good work FOCUS Adventure!


The Geocaching Challenge! was great as it taught everyone teamwork, communication, leadership and most importantly, trust. I wish to thank all FOCUS Facilitators. We all enjoyed ourselves and indeed we had a lot of fun. Thank you Sysmex and FOCUS Adventure.
-Vishinuvartan, Sysmex (Malaysia)


Nice accommodation – we rested well at the end of the day. Activities were spread out at a reasonable pace. Good planning, especially when wet weather spoilt the outdoor activites on Day 2, there was no hiccups in the transition from outdoor to indoor. And of course, the overall participation and energy level of the Teckwah Team. Very spontaneous, high level of commitment and team spirit.
– Jane Tang, Teckwah Industrial Corporation Ltd

Really enjoyed the relaxing pace and mood throughout the whole Team Building Exersise. It placed everyone at ease and was enjoyable while understanding the importance of Teamwork.
– Tan Peck Hoon, Teckwah Industrial Corporation Ltd

It was a challenge to all when everyone needed to link individual roller coasters together during The Roller Coaster Challenge! Our FOCUS Facilitator was friendly and cheerful.
-Teckwah Industrial Corporation Ltd

On behalf of the Organising Committee, I would like to thank FOCUS Adventure for the fun-filled Team Building learning programme that all of you brought to us. Everyone really enjoyed themselves and were energised by the activities. We can feel the joy and energy in everyone and at the workplace now. One of the participants told me that he couldn’t have known so many colleagues if he didn’t attend the experiential learning. Great Job, FOCUS Team!
– Angela, Teckwah Industrial Corporation Ltd


The group certainly enjoyed themselves during the Team Building segment. It had helped us to come closer and we also achieved our objectives of wanting them to be aware of those areas of improvement in terms of Teamwork. I had another day of workshop with them yesterday on their goals, etc and they are still talking about the High Elements as well as the areas of improvements in the team learnt from the Team Building Exersise. It was indeed worth while! We were also impressed with the way the FOCUS Facilitator conducted the programme. Well done!
– Patalina Tan, Volvo East Asia Pte Ltd

MARCH 2010

Great work, Team FOCUS.
– Jeya, Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority

Throughly enjoyed myself. Thank you.
– Parameswari G.M., Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority

Overall, it was definitely a fun programme! Good vibes and energy.
– Li Xiangmei, Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority

Overall was good.
– Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority

I received lots of appreciation from the team participants both from Singapore and Malaysian for the organizing committee.
– Nancy Low/Yeo Ee Siang/Mary Lim/Cecilia Goh/Mohd Shuhaimi, Coca-Cola Singapore Beverages

The activities were new and interesting. The FOCUS Facilitator was humorous and quick-thinking. The background support such as the music adds to the creativeness of the activities. Overall, the programme was very well conceptualized and implemented.
– Duke NUS Graduate Medical School Singapore

Thumbs up FOCUS Adventure! We had a blast of great time during the team-building session. It brings us all closer together.
– Siti Nur Kamaliah, DHL

FOCUS Facilitator made sure that everybody enjoyed the activities. This Team Building programme gave us a good experience and lessons for the team. Experience is definitely something that you would never forget. Thank you.
– Edwards Lifesciences (Asia) Pte Ltd

The programme was very effective and I will recommend it.
– W. R. Grace

The FOCUS Facilitator was really enthusiastic and great. This was one of the better Team Building programmes I have attended.
– Health Sciences Authority On behalf of HSA, I would like to thank FOCUS Adventure for making the Team Building

programme a success right from the beginning. All those whom I’ve met had positive things to say about the programme. Please also convey our thanks to everyone else in the FOCUS team who made this event a success for us all. Thank you.
– Muhammad Fareez Bin Yahya, Health Sciences Authority

Very well conducted. I had an enjoyable time.
– Health Sciences Authority

Thanks to all Facilitators from FOCUS Adventure. You are great.
– Kelvin Chan, Home Team Academy

I have truly enjoyed myself.
– Sani, Home Team Academy

The FOCUS Team Building Programme was very interesting and relevant, particularly The Geocaching Challenge! and The Rafting Challenge!. The FOCUS Facilitator was also very experienced and interactive. We will be planning another Team Building programme in this year. Please keep us informed of other interesting programmes.
– Edmund Lee, Infocomm Development Authority Of Singapore

Good spirit from the other participants and you had games that could engage us.
– Hc, Institute of Mental Health

You have both indoor and outdoor activities which were FUN, FUN, FUN!
– Ahmad, Land Transport Authority

Everyone at FOCUS Adventure are friendly, approachable, dedicated and funny.
– Aida, Land Transport Authority

I enjoyed the innovative activities. The use of high tech GPS devices during The Geocaching Challenge! was great. The RollerCoaster Challenge! was really fun and engaging.
– Edwin, Land Transport Authority

Big thanks for our Team Building programme! From the laughter and smiles on the faces of our staff, believe that the whole programme was very well-received.
Personally, I enjoyed The Geocaching Challenge! Using the GPS to navigate was interesting. And I would have loved to enjoy Sentosa’s scenic spots more. I liked the energizers too because they were original and didn’t really ‘sabo’ anyone of us, so that put us at ease.
I was surprised how our staff really jumped into the programme after the energizers. This was apparent as they all really immersed into The Cooking Challenge! with zest and passion. (Hope we didn’t make too much of a mess) Even the food served during tea break and lunch was really up to expectations. I must say even the coffee was good! This is something we don’t get with our internal training.
We will definitely recommend FOCUS Adventure to future organizing committees.
– Egwin, Land Transport Authority

Thank you for the tremendous effort that all of you have put in for the LTA Team Building Programme. The Managers learnt to communicate and now understand the importance of team synergy. Without all of you, it would have been impossible to organise such a fruitful and successful Team Building programme.. Once again, thank you for all your hardwork and well organised activities.
– Ganesh & Doris Teo, Land Transport Authority

The FOCUS Facilitators were able to keep participants fully occupied and there was never a dull moment. There were no stress and participation free flow!
– Pat Sio Poh, Land Transport Authority

Overall I enjoyed myself very very much though. The FOCUS Facilitators did a great job in interacting with the participants .Keep it up FOCUS Adventure! Hope to see you again!
– Rohani, Land Transport Authority

From the Team Building programme, we realized that most work requires a lot of teamwork to get it done productively.
– Rosalind, Land Transport Authority

The outback location (although the camp is at Sentosa) made it a wonderful experience.
– Victor Ong, Land Transport Authority

Great Facilitator, pleasant team. Good Job!
– Land Transport Authority

Keep up the smile and energy all the way!
-Land Transport Authority

I have a great experience thru this programme.
– Land Transport Authority

I really had fun knowing more about the places that we have in SENTOSA. It also helps me to apply the knowledge in my workplace.
– Land Transport Authority

I really enjoyed the Team Building very much. It is really fun and it did helped us to know more about SENTOSA. Thank you FOCUS Adventure!
– Land Transport Authority

I really found the activities was fun enjoying. Not much stress as we also get to enjoy the scenery and know more about the places that we might not know before.
– Land Transport Authority

Greatly enjoyed the activities and got to know most of them.
– Land Transport Authority

A refreshing and truly enjoyable day. Cheers.
– Land Transport Authority

Enjoyable experiences.
– Land Transport Authority

Thanks, I enjoyed the overall programme.
– Land Transport Authority

The RollerCoaster Challenge! is a great experience for effective teamwork.
– Land Transport Authority

Firstly, I would like to thank the FOCUS Team for the great effort and support in our DPE-Team Building event. I would also like to commend on the good coordinating work. It has been a pleasant experience working with you, FOCUS Adventure. Hope to establish more working relationships in the near future. Thank you!
– Jonathan Lin, Ministry of Manpower

The programme with FOCUS Facilitators have been very enjoyable! They have make my experience with FOCUS Adventure, a very pleasant and meaningful one. They have also made me realised the objective (Values In Action) through the different activities that I had participated. May it be at work or personal life, I believe that all of us will approach issues with a different perspective now. For that, I sincerely thank the FOCUS facilitators for their professionalism.
– Billy Ong, Ministry of Manpower

Thank you for the effort and assistance to make the North East CDC Staff Retreat 2010 a great success! We look forward to work with you in the near future.
– Wilson Liong, Dennis Tan, Belinda Wong and Lynette Koh, North East Community Development Council

The FOCUS Facilitator team are cooperative and friendly. Overall it was a good Team Building session to charge up the spirit of all participant.
– Gary Low, Siegwerk

FOCUS Adventure has the ability to create eagerness and combine fun programmes to achieve the objectives.
– Harto Handojo, Siegwerk

This Team Building programme is good for the organisation.
– Singapore Land Authority

This is the best Team Building Programme that I have attended in recent years. I have thoroughly enjoyed the day and have also learnt some finer points on Team Building. The FOCUS team were excellent. Well done. I don’t think you need to put in any other things to improve on the training aspect.
– Tan Kok Tiong, Singapore Land Authority

Created closer bonding and effective teamwork.
– South West CDC

The Rafting Challenge was a test of teamwork not only among the competing teams itself, but on the overall performance of an Effective Team as a company, across diverse divisions/deparments/sections. The reward was kept padlocked in a box requiring all the keys of all teams to open it. Great!!!!!!
– Thomas Yeow, Singapore Mass Rapid Transit

FOCUS Adventure has achieved my expectations.
– Muhammad Hakim Salim, Supreme Court

Thank you Facilitator for a job well done. The team was energised, and delighted with your efforts.
– Yeoh Choo-guan, UBS (Trading)

Great job FOCUS Facilitator! Keep up the good work! Next time will be excellent! Cheers!
– Doris Tay, Workforce Development Authority (CES)

The FOCUS Facilitator was quick and responsive. With his observation and analyzing techniques, it allows me to walk away with a better understanding of the outcome of the activity. Great job!
– Irene Teo, Workforce Development Authority (IAL)

Great job! I had great fun. Thanks!
– James Chia, Workforce Development Authority (HRBD)

Good job!
– Kwan Wei, Workforce Development Authority (MCD)

Thank you!
– Lam Kit Ying, Workforce Development Authority (ITD)

I was surprised by outcomes in a positive way. Well done and thank you.
– Rebecca Ye, Workforce Development Authority (IAL)

Very very very fun and enjoyable! Learnt alot about company values, made many new friends. Fun fun fun fun!!!
– Shirlin Lim, Workforce Development Authority (CES)

FOCUS had successfully met the deliverables in their programmes. Thanks for organizing this.
– Yogi Chai, Workforce Development Authority (MCD)

The debriefing conducted after each activity helped to cement what we learnt, and relate it to WDAs core values.
– Workforce Development Authority

Fantastic programme and job done!
– Workforce Development Authority

Thank you!
– Workforce Development Authority

The FOCUS Facilitator was very effective. He has a lot of knowledge and experience to be able to relate the learnings in the debriefs. Three cheers to FOCUS facilitator!
– Workforce Development Authority


Well organised with a good day out at Sentosa!
– Civil Service College (Institute of Policy Development)

Thank you for the wonderful FOCUS group. Everyone is happy. I am looking forward to receive your photo/video CD.
– June Tan, Lancome Singapore

Well organised with a good day out at Sentosa!
– Civil Service College (Institute of Policy Development)

Thank you for the wonderful FOCUS group. Everyone is happy. I am looking forward to receive your photo/video CD.
– June Tan, Lancome Singapore

Very good and motivational facilitation.
– Paul, Mindef Corporate Development and Services Division

Good facilitation and high energy pace. The Team Building activities were a useful means to reflect on aspects of high team performance, mental models, etc. A very worthwhile experience.
– Alphonsus Pang, Mindef Corporate Development and Services Division

The Roller Coaster Challenge! was exciting and refreshing.
– Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports (National Council of Social Service)

Keep up the good work!
– Baharom Bin Madon, Ministry of Information, Communications and the Arts

Overall, FOCUS helped us meet our objective in understanding our peers better, which can benefit future working relationships
– Ang Chiean Hong, National Parks


Sharing experiences
-Pang Kok Meng, A*Star

Having fun.
-Connie Cheah, Alpha

Fun enjoyable Facilitator in appropriate and relaxed environment!
-Justina, Alpha

It was really a fun and unforgetable experience. It was also wonderful to be able to bond with the new employees. Thank you.
-Phyllis Ong, At-Sunrice

The activities were well planned and executed in accordance with the pace of the participants.
-Tan Kok Wah, At-Sunrice

The activities and Energizers are the key areas that made The Team Building Challenge! a pleasant experience.
-Chew Weng Leong, CPF

Overall activities are fun and interesting. A fresh experience.
-Gina, CPF

The countryside location – very relaxing The nature of the final challenge/task: cooking = fun
-Larry Reynolds, CPF

I enjoyed cooking and the activity to build the team together via cooking (The Cooking Challenge!) is certainly my cup of tea!
-Lee Lai Ping, CPF

Everything had been well organized.
-Mah Pei Wen, CPF

Grouping of behavior known as DISC. Help us to better understand the others’ personalities if we are able to identify their group.

Able to mingle with everyone.
-Therena Lim, CPF

Great memories!
-Tan You Han, Diageo

Showing the video of the whole episode within just half an hour was just amazing. The speed at which you were operating was admirable.

With all the helpful Facilitators around!

The outdoor challenges!
-Shanmugam s/o Natchiappan, Halcon

Location of the course, type of activites planned and the facilities.
-George Teo, IHIS

1)Some of our colleagues which we everyday see each others but do not communicate. Through this we started talking and know each other better. 2)I realised Teamwork is very important especially to a big organisation like Infineon
-Jade Teng, Infineon

Activities and events were really fun and enjoyable.
-Kelvin Tan, Infineon

All the activities with its meaning behind.
-Ong Hui Ming, Infineon

Good organization, good balance between thought and play.
-Pei Ying, Infineon

Helpful FOCUS Team.
-Sharon Choong, Infineon

Fun and meaningful activities.
-Sindy, Infineon

Fantastic work by the Pauline, Shan, and the rest of the FOCUS Team in arranging and conducting the programme. The Energizers really got the crowd going, and the activities in USS was a real blast. Well done!
-Desmond Neo, MAS

It was nice to getting to know many people on this occasion and looking forward to have another chance to see them as well as the Facilitators and Instructors.
-Yasuko Shimizu, Mitsu

Fun, interesting and exciting!
-Lynette, MOM

The activities played together as a Team were interesting and we indeed displayed Teamwork during the activities.
-Sze Mun, MOM

Good Facilitator who knows how to build up the energy and interaction during the event.
-Elizabeth, NORIS

Out of Singapore, and Out of work stress. No crowd, no disturbances, no worries!
-Joshua Goh, NORIS

This is my first time having Team Building. It give us some experience in adventures.
-Latipah Binte Hitam, NORIS

-Tobey, NORIS

The Team Building Challenge! was fun and I learned to communicate much better with my colleagues.

Everyone had fun during Team Building.

I loved the challenge of the pyramid – wanted to right be up
-Annette, Omgeo

I had so much fun!
-Ailene, UOB

The indoor activities and the picutre taking!!!
-CarolineAsuncion, UOB

The venue is so nice and enjoyable.
-Elijah, UOB

Everything is great!
-Harold Piz Jison, UOB

Two thumbs up!
-Ian Gabriel, UOB

Skyride and Luge
-Jane, UOB

-Keeve Phua, UOB

The skyride and luge was fun.
-Melanie, UOB

Rafting was fun!
-Xiao Yun, UOB

The Facilitator is fantastic, able to bring the team to FOCUS on our tasks. All the activities are nicely designed for all ages to participate in. Great venue. Overall experience is great especially Team-bonding activities and Energizers!
-Ng Wee Ling Dawn, Changi Airport

Good pace and clear instructions 98% of the time, able to engage audience and improvised where neccessay, good job Dean!
-Terence Chua, Changi Airport

-Chen Wei Wei, CLS

-Jinan, CLS

Friendly Facilitators and good workout.
-Nike, Dell

The emphasis of involving every participant and the importance of UNITY, regardless.
-Rosnani Saini, GEA

Overall very good group activities in order to strenghten the Team spirit. Just continue like that.
-Sven Mario Jadzinski, GEA

The assistance and patience from Facilitators. They are humble and always smiling despite that we are rather demanding and can be difficult.

The Cooking Challenge! enabled each individual to showcase their strengths and sharing of resources to make the impossible Possible. Thus we are all Winners of the Challenge!

A great activity for bonding!

One of the best Team Building I ever had.

The Team Building activities. Really enjoy!!!
-Tan Chay Hua, HP

Beach volleyball !!!
-Sanjay, JP Morgan

Great Facilitators!
-Wei Ling, JP Morgan

Personally, this is my third time with FOCUS Adventure and am pleased that you guys have keep up to the standard. Keep it up!
-Melinda Chia, Johnson&Johnson

The activities organised especially The Rollercoaster Challenge! and Rafting.
-Agnes Kok, LTA (SAI)

1) Interaction with colleagues through informal, fun activities allowed me to see a different side of some which will enable me to build a better rapport with them at work. 2) Through the activities, I am reminded how we can achieve win-win situations through collaboration.
-Adeline Tang Oi Ping, Mizuho

Teambonding. Fun.
-Doreen Teo, NETS

The challenges were tough but it became a lot easier with the energy coming from the Team and even from the Facilitators of the event. It is truly a memorable experience and a worthwhile learning activity for all.
-Tricia Leh, OMGEO

The Faciliator injected a lot of fun during the session.
-Chen Chai Kim, Pei Tong

Joey was a great facilitator! He was able to connect very well with the group. Kudos to him!
-Jenny Lim, Pei Tong

I liked the way it was being facilitated. What is the possibility of teachers joining your company for a work attachement?
-Lim Teo Kwee, Pei Tong

The activities were challenging and the post-activity discussions helped the participants to reflect and learn about teamwork values.
-Nor Hapifah bte Othman, Pei Tong

Interaction amongst the participants is key to building a team, esp after a full year where the people just work and work, so this is a time to let the hair down and intermingle with one another.
-Teh Kee Huat, Pei Tong

Like the outdoor activities, not too demanding but yet allow team building.
-Teo Eng Hong, Pei Tong

The outdoor challenges.
-Thila Natarajan, Pei Tong

Learning and team building is made fun.
-Tricia, Pei Tong

The vegetarian food is good.
-Yvonne Ng, Pei Tong

Fun and something you dont mind doing without thinking hard.
-Pei Tong

The activities and the post-game review : )
-Pei Tong

High Elements
-Tan Chin Yeap, Roechling

Lots of interaction with my colleagues with the activities well planned. I had lots of FUN and enjoyed myself very much. I love hearing laughters of my colleagues and those around me;)
-Christina Gee, Singtel

The relevance of the activities to what I had in mind for the Team.
-Caleb, Surbana

It’s a great bonding time with my colleagues and getting to know them. It added to my confidence and determination to finish the task. I can apply these in real life – in despite of hardship I still continue the battle by trusting myself and the people around me.
-Lorelie Indionela, Surbana

The challenge is variant and creative. It touches different aspects of life. It’s interesting to get to know different reactions in different situations.
-Rut Nurhayati A, Surbana

The Facilitators were great – they know what they are doing and saying. The Amazing Race and The Cooking Challenge were 2 things I have never done as well as things which no other dept in Vestas has done for their Team Building so that I was happy with.
-Murniati, Vestas



Thank you FOCUS Adventure for a job well done. The feedback gathered were positive. Participants learnt the positive side of working together & how to improve managing a team through fun activities created by FOCUS. Once again, thanks for FOCUS’ kind support and time.
– Hamidah Bureau, Club Med

The FOCUS Facilitators are friendly and upbeat at all times. This helped us to loosen up and enjoy all the activities given.
– National Environment Agency

I am fine with the overall experience with FOCUS. However, I would like to thank the FOCUS Facilitators for handling some of our groups who were very noisy and those who got carried away and got too playful. Once again, thank you.
– Ms Wati, National Environment Agency

The ENERGY from the FOCUS team makes the whole Team Building programme energy pack.
– National Environment Agency

The last part of the day where everyone gathered in the hall to do the Turning Point really shows that if all of us are united, nothing is impossible.
– William Lim, National Environment Agency (South West Regional Office)

The FOCUS Facilitator was able to engage the whole department in the activities.

– Eshal Tan, National Trades Union Congress

The FOCUS Facilitators have the ability in inducing a high level of energy and maximum participation from all the attendees.
– Frank Chang, National Trades Union Congress

We learnt about excellent Teamwork, Team spirit, Care, Trust, Respect and to work together as one organisation.
– Hamzah B Awang, National Trades Union Congress

FOCUS Adventure taught us to work like a Big Family, under One Roof.
– Helen Tan, National Trades Union Congress

Good and wonderful Team Building programme with 100% marks.
– Ken, National Trades Union Congress

The MOST pleasant experience were your Facilitators. They made all of us comfortable and we wanted to engage in their activities. I guess these are a bunch of experienced guys you should keep to generate success in the future. Thank you Guys.
– Rahim Alias, National Trades Union Congress

FOCUS Team Building Programme enabled us to work as a team, cooperate, trust, take ownership and learn new ways to achieved our goals.
– Rusli B Ismadi, National Trades Union Congress

The activities were innovative and fascinating!!
– National Trades Union Congress (Trading)

Excellent job, FOCUS Adventure!
– Yen Ping, IBM

FOCUS Adventure taught us Team Spirit, Care, Trust and Respect. It was a wonderful learn and play programme. Overall, it was a fun workout. Doing things we do not usually do in our daily life. E.g. Hug together.
– Rena Wong, National Trades Union Congress

We had a wonderful time at Bintan last Friday for our Corporate Challenge!

– Wee Jia Hui, Supreme Court of Singapore



FOCUS Adventure is proud to have sponsored the Jet-Ski China National Team from the China Marine Sports School, who participated in the annual TJSBA King’s Cup, World Grand Prix 2012 at Pattaya, Thailand last December! The spectacular Jet-Ski King’s Cup was started in year 2009 and features Novice, Amateur and Pro Jet-Ski races. Spectators had the chance to watch the adrenaline-pumping races of top racers from 32 countries around the world from the Grand Stand!

Our China racer, Fan Zhi Xiong, 24, representing the China National Team arrived first time in Pattaya two days before the race. During the Opening Ceremony at the official hotel, the racers from the different countries were introduced and Thailand’s rich cultural background was showcased in various performances.

Fan Zhi Xiong took part in the Amateur Roundabout 800 race category. It was his first time participating in a Jet-Ski race overseas. It was indeed an unforgettable experience for Zhi Xiong to be able to take part in such a large scale Jet-ski race away from home and we are proud to announce that he managed to clinch the 5th position in his category.

Aside from the races, we also hosted our China “guests” to the famous Tiffany’s Show which impressed with its glitz and glamour. Authentic Thai massage and true Thai cuisine were also part of the team’s experience in Thailand. On this note, we would like to express our heartfelt thanks to Pusan Nakonpathom who not only provided tremendous technical support for the race, but also the hospitality and friendship during our days in Pattaya.

After a 6-day trip to Pattaya, our FOCUS Adventure team went home not just with wonderful memories of the exciting jet-ski races, but also, having forged a well bonded team spirit with the China National Team from China Marine Sports School that goes beyond sponsoring!


Big Thank You to you and your team for making this Team Building programme a memorable one. We enjoyed ourselves and wish we had more time and much more activities. Next time perhaps. We think that the FOCUS team has done a fabulous job and we will not hesitate to come back to FOCUS Adventure again and will definitely recommend people to go there. The service, organization and enthusiasm was fantastic. Good job!
– Joan Lee, Schaeffler (Singapore)

It was great!
– Sahidur, Unilever
FOCUS Adventure’s Team Building allowed us to experience sharing with colleagues after each challenge and allow us to discover more about the other side of them.
– Jeslyn Teng, NTUC INCOME

WOW!!! it a suprise to know that we will get a complimentary video CD and photos from you guys. Do let me know when it’s ready for collection. Thanks soooo much again!!
– Mohammad Nur Affendi Bisri, Ministry of Manpower

Once again thanks for the excellent job! Our colleagues simply love this year Team Building and thanks for organising the event for us.
– Don Ong, Land Transport Authority

It had been a long time since I had so much fun and I want to say that its been such a wonderful experience. Thank you very much 
– Land Transport Authority

1. Superb ‘learning’ day! 2. Good job! 3. Fun & exciting! 4. Great work guys! Keep it up. 5. Had lots of great fun! Thanks a million! 6. Fantastic facilitation that connected the activities to our context successfully. I learnt more about myself and about MOMers today. Thanks!
– Ministry of Manpower

Keep it up! It was fun!
– Burger King

During our Team Building session the weather is not fine… but still the facilitators did a great job!!! well done! I really enjoy it!!!
– Burger King

On behalf of the committee, I would to like to say THANK YOU for the job well done, the FOCUS team who have contributed to our Team Building programme at Mempari beach. We received feedbacks from staffs that they had an enjoyable time yesterday. We are all IMPRESSED with you guys/gals trying to make our event a success and a memorable one. I would certainly looking forward to work with you again. Thanks once again for the job superbly done!
– Mohammad Nur Affendi Bisri, Ministry of Manpower

FOCUS Adventure has the Best facilitators!
– Cynathia Marie Puertollano

Very Good!! Keep up the good work!
– Erwin, Hewlett-Packard

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all Staff from FOCUS Adventure for making our teambuiling programme such a memorable one! The FOCUS team has offered us more than just fun during our Team Building. Positive feedbacks have been received from our colleagues for this year Team Building and we like to thank you for organising such exciting event for us! Last but not least, we definitely hope to see you for our Team Building next year and we wish you guys all the best in your upcoming programmes!
– Don, Land Transport Authority

Very good facilitators.
– Sean Yeoh, Raffles Girls School

Everyone of us enjoy the Team Building programme very much and we had loads of fun.
– Ivy, M Hotel

Overall the Team Building programme was effective. I do enjoyed the programme and I am sure it will help me in my day-to-day work especially in better understanding my team members and to work with them in more collabrative way.
– Rakesh, Central Providence Fund

None because everyone and everything was perfect that we have nothing to say or comment about
– Apple Chan, Central Providence Fund

I think all of us enjoyed ourselves thoroughly, both young and old. I am really glad that FOCUS Adventure enjoyed facilitating us too. I am also glad that it was our superiors who ‘witnessed’ us doing more challenging stuff so that perhaps coming to next year, 2010 around Feb to Mar when we will do our annual staff function, we will get to work with you again and with bigger budget for more great activities. We really look forward to having another programme with FOCUS Adventure for our next Team Building programme!
– Peishan, Singtel

Well done, FOCUS!! Keep it up!
– Land Transport Authority

From FOCUS Adventure’s Team Building programme, we take back many news ideas and lessons. Thanks you to the FOCUS team. Me and my follow workers are all foreigners and this programme has given to us an oppourtunity to bond and be among each other.
– Aung Zaw

Just keep up the good work, FOCUS Adventure!
– Land Transport Authority

Just a quick note to say thank you for all your patience and professionalism in helping us to set up the team building programme. All of us had a good time. Our favourite part was the energisers ie. Pirates Walk the plank and Trolley. It was good to have the video playback of the day. I made us laugh so hard that our cheeks started hurting. Much appreciation to the facilitating team too. And thank you for the lovely birthday surprise. Hopefully, we can come back next year (and try out the High Elements)! All the best and warm regards.
– Heng San San, Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports

Good work, FOCUS Adventure!
– Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation (Singapore)

We had a very enjoyable Team Building programme and we were all so excited about it. Thanks so much for providing us an excellent team of facilitators and support staff. We hope to have the opportunity to engage FOCUS Adventure the following year for another round of Team Building programme for our managers and executives.
– Danny, AvanStrate

We had great fun and re-learnt many things which will be beneficial to our everyday working life. We would like to thank the FOCUS team for a job well done. Everyone felt that this Team Building programme was one of the best Team Building they had so far.
– Pauline Lim, Aesthetics Marketing Asia

On behalf of Avenue Asia Singapore, we would like to thank FOCUS Adventure for a wonderful, fun filled and enriching Team Building programme. We look forward to meeting FOCUS Adventure again and before that, we wish FOCUS Adventure a great adventurous time.
– Ben Yang, Avenue Asia Singapore

– Su Latt Win, MARSH

Great experience!
– Angel Lee, Standard Chartered Bank

We had loads of fun and the food was very delicious. Thank you so much!
– Nor Erlinda Bte Aini, Land Transport Authority

I had lots of fun. I loved the entire Team Building programme
– Nang May Zin Htike, Doka Formwork

The whole Team Building programme was great!
– Vani Karpagam, Land Transport Authority

Thank you, FOCUS Adventure for the wonderful Team Building Programme. Everyone really enjoyed it.
– Irene Fong, Amara Sanctuary Resort Hotel Sentosa

An excellent Team Building programme where the team discovered not only more about themselves but also of others. It also taught us the importance of teamwork and enabled us to understand how to integrate our own corporate values – The 4Ds, into our daily work.
– William Ng, Philips

A job well done for being able to integrate in the Team Building the key learning points of our company’s core values. The Team Building was both challenging and fun. I am confident that every individual will agree that it was time well spent. In my own option, I give FOCUS Adventure a score of 9 out of 10 and would gladly recommend you to others departments.
– Alan Yeo, Philips

I thoroughly enjoyed the Team Building programme. Overall, the session was well thought through and ample time was allocated in between the different programme segments. I definitely will recommend this Team Building to others.
– Lim Soo Cheen, Philips

I thoroughly enjoyed The Geocaching Challenge! However the programme could be extended an hour longer to take into consideration the time it took for us to fully utilize the navigational tools.
– HDB, Housing & Development Board

I love FOCUS Adventure’s Team Building programme.
– Ea Zhi Jian, Soitec

Totally tired out!!
A day of Joy and Fun.. Discovery of Self and Others..
Seeing all Talents at work: Joining rods to connectors;
We started off from scratch not knowing the outcome,
Putting our heads together,
We contributed ideas and work together.
The product took shape – From conception to realization;
Relating back at work, this is truly “Develop People” and “Depend on Each Other”
To “Deliver Great Results” to “Delight Customers”
– Pang Bee Liang, Philips

I saw a great team with high energy and a winning spirit to go the extra miles during PPS (Philips People Service) Team Building session.
– Kampon, Philips

Thank you very much for making the Team Building programme such a memorable one! I enjoyed myself very much and would definitely look forward to the next FOCUS Adventure Team Building session. I think the facilitators did a great job at engaging the participants as well as explaining clearly the key learning points. I will definitely recommend this to other business units. Overall, it was good, fun and enjoyable! Once again, thanks for the Team Building programme!”
– Joyce Koh, Philips

Working together as team is progress to success.
– Karthikeyan, Philips

Be prepared for a day filled with mind stimulating challenges and nitty-gritty bits you didn’t know about your closest colleague…
“Depend on each other” as no one will let you fall when you reach out for help. No matter how big, small, heavy or light you are…
The fun activities lead us to “Develop People” whose brilliant strategies that has enabled us to succeed in tough (and almost unthinkable) challenges…
We strategize, experiment, innovate and share our experience to eventually overcome any obstacles in our way…
Definitely a day we will remember for the years to come!”
– Susan Peh, Philips

I can say it was one of the best Team Building programme that I have ever attended. It was a very good and interactive. Thank you very much, FOCUS Adventure.
– Azizan, Telekom Malaysia

Thank you to the FOCUS team and you for organizing our RBC DEXIA Team Building. We had a fantastic time!
– Abdul Hamid, Noridah, Club Med Services Pte Ltd

The Team Building programme went very well and everyone enjoyed it. Thanks to the FOCUS team for facilitating the programme.
– W C Boh, Emerson Process

Honestly I had a good time during the Team Building programme. I found it to be professionally conducted. Keep it up FOCUS Adventure.
– Razali, (National Trades Union Congress) NTUC Club

Overall it was a great Team Building experience.
– Lawerence Teh, Civil Service College

Just keep up the good work and I will be back for the 4th time.
– SP Goh, Emerson Process

We would like to thank you for the wonderful Team Building programme that was organized for Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa! We enjoyed ourselves thoroughly and sincerely appreciate your warm hospitality. The experience was definitely a memorable one. We are more than happy to welcome FOCUS Adventure to our resort!
– Michelle Wong, Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa

My decision to participate in my company’s Team Building programme 2 weeks ago in Bintan Lagoon Resort paid off, as the programme really opened up my eyes and mind through those enriching challenges and eye-opening experiences. I truly benefitted from FOCUS’ Team Building programme and I hope I have learnt and make some impact to others’ life in future!
– Kimberly Liew, Emerson Process

Overall, the Team Building was a good learning experience. Thank you very much!
– Ng Hock Keong, Central Provident Fund Board