Thank you FOCUS Adventure for a job well done. The feedback gathered were positive. Participants learnt the positive side of working together & how to improve managing a team through fun activities created by FOCUS. Once again, thanks for FOCUS’ kind support and time.
– Hamidah Bureau, Club Med

The FOCUS Facilitators are friendly and upbeat at all times. This helped us to loosen up and enjoy all the activities given.
– National Environment Agency

I am fine with the overall experience with FOCUS. However, I would like to thank the FOCUS Facilitators for handling some of our groups who were very noisy and those who got carried away and got too playful. Once again, thank you.
– Ms Wati, National Environment Agency

The ENERGY from the FOCUS team makes the whole Team Building programme energy pack.
– National Environment Agency

The last part of the day where everyone gathered in the hall to do the Turning Point really shows that if all of us are united, nothing is impossible.
– William Lim, National Environment Agency (South West Regional Office)

The FOCUS Facilitator was able to engage the whole department in the activities.

– Eshal Tan, National Trades Union Congress

The FOCUS Facilitators have the ability in inducing a high level of energy and maximum participation from all the attendees.
– Frank Chang, National Trades Union Congress

We learnt about excellent Teamwork, Team spirit, Care, Trust, Respect and to work together as one organisation.
– Hamzah B Awang, National Trades Union Congress

FOCUS Adventure taught us to work like a Big Family, under One Roof.
– Helen Tan, National Trades Union Congress

Good and wonderful Team Building programme with 100% marks.
– Ken, National Trades Union Congress

The MOST pleasant experience were your Facilitators. They made all of us comfortable and we wanted to engage in their activities. I guess these are a bunch of experienced guys you should keep to generate success in the future. Thank you Guys.
– Rahim Alias, National Trades Union Congress

FOCUS Team Building Programme enabled us to work as a team, cooperate, trust, take ownership and learn new ways to achieved our goals.
– Rusli B Ismadi, National Trades Union Congress

The activities were innovative and fascinating!!
– National Trades Union Congress (Trading)

Excellent job, FOCUS Adventure!
– Yen Ping, IBM

FOCUS Adventure taught us Team Spirit, Care, Trust and Respect. It was a wonderful learn and play programme. Overall, it was a fun workout. Doing things we do not usually do in our daily life. E.g. Hug together.
– Rena Wong, National Trades Union Congress

We had a wonderful time at Bintan last Friday for our Corporate Challenge!

– Wee Jia Hui, Supreme Court of Singapore



FOCUS Adventure is proud to have sponsored the Jet-Ski China National Team from the China Marine Sports School, who participated in the annual TJSBA King’s Cup, World Grand Prix 2012 at Pattaya, Thailand last December! The spectacular Jet-Ski King’s Cup was started in year 2009 and features Novice, Amateur and Pro Jet-Ski races. Spectators had the chance to watch the adrenaline-pumping races of top racers from 32 countries around the world from the Grand Stand!

Our China racer, Fan Zhi Xiong, 24, representing the China National Team arrived first time in Pattaya two days before the race. During the Opening Ceremony at the official hotel, the racers from the different countries were introduced and Thailand’s rich cultural background was showcased in various performances.

Fan Zhi Xiong took part in the Amateur Roundabout 800 race category. It was his first time participating in a Jet-Ski race overseas. It was indeed an unforgettable experience for Zhi Xiong to be able to take part in such a large scale Jet-ski race away from home and we are proud to announce that he managed to clinch the 5th position in his category.

Aside from the races, we also hosted our China “guests” to the famous Tiffany’s Show which impressed with its glitz and glamour. Authentic Thai massage and true Thai cuisine were also part of the team’s experience in Thailand. On this note, we would like to express our heartfelt thanks to Pusan Nakonpathom who not only provided tremendous technical support for the race, but also the hospitality and friendship during our days in Pattaya.

After a 6-day trip to Pattaya, our FOCUS Adventure team went home not just with wonderful memories of the exciting jet-ski races, but also, having forged a well bonded team spirit with the China National Team from China Marine Sports School that goes beyond sponsoring!


Big Thank You to you and your team for making this Team Building programme a memorable one. We enjoyed ourselves and wish we had more time and much more activities. Next time perhaps. We think that the FOCUS team has done a fabulous job and we will not hesitate to come back to FOCUS Adventure again and will definitely recommend people to go there. The service, organization and enthusiasm was fantastic. Good job!
– Joan Lee, Schaeffler (Singapore)

It was great!
– Sahidur, Unilever
FOCUS Adventure’s Team Building allowed us to experience sharing with colleagues after each challenge and allow us to discover more about the other side of them.
– Jeslyn Teng, NTUC INCOME

WOW!!! it a suprise to know that we will get a complimentary video CD and photos from you guys. Do let me know when it’s ready for collection. Thanks soooo much again!!
– Mohammad Nur Affendi Bisri, Ministry of Manpower

Once again thanks for the excellent job! Our colleagues simply love this year Team Building and thanks for organising the event for us.
– Don Ong, Land Transport Authority

It had been a long time since I had so much fun and I want to say that its been such a wonderful experience. Thank you very much 
– Land Transport Authority

1. Superb ‘learning’ day! 2. Good job! 3. Fun & exciting! 4. Great work guys! Keep it up. 5. Had lots of great fun! Thanks a million! 6. Fantastic facilitation that connected the activities to our context successfully. I learnt more about myself and about MOMers today. Thanks!
– Ministry of Manpower

Keep it up! It was fun!
– Burger King

During our Team Building session the weather is not fine… but still the facilitators did a great job!!! well done! I really enjoy it!!!
– Burger King

On behalf of the committee, I would to like to say THANK YOU for the job well done, the FOCUS team who have contributed to our Team Building programme at Mempari beach. We received feedbacks from staffs that they had an enjoyable time yesterday. We are all IMPRESSED with you guys/gals trying to make our event a success and a memorable one. I would certainly looking forward to work with you again. Thanks once again for the job superbly done!
– Mohammad Nur Affendi Bisri, Ministry of Manpower

FOCUS Adventure has the Best facilitators!
– Cynathia Marie Puertollano

Very Good!! Keep up the good work!
– Erwin, Hewlett-Packard

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all Staff from FOCUS Adventure for making our teambuiling programme such a memorable one! The FOCUS team has offered us more than just fun during our Team Building. Positive feedbacks have been received from our colleagues for this year Team Building and we like to thank you for organising such exciting event for us! Last but not least, we definitely hope to see you for our Team Building next year and we wish you guys all the best in your upcoming programmes!
– Don, Land Transport Authority

Very good facilitators.
– Sean Yeoh, Raffles Girls School

Everyone of us enjoy the Team Building programme very much and we had loads of fun.
– Ivy, M Hotel

Overall the Team Building programme was effective. I do enjoyed the programme and I am sure it will help me in my day-to-day work especially in better understanding my team members and to work with them in more collabrative way.
– Rakesh, Central Providence Fund

None because everyone and everything was perfect that we have nothing to say or comment about
– Apple Chan, Central Providence Fund

I think all of us enjoyed ourselves thoroughly, both young and old. I am really glad that FOCUS Adventure enjoyed facilitating us too. I am also glad that it was our superiors who ‘witnessed’ us doing more challenging stuff so that perhaps coming to next year, 2010 around Feb to Mar when we will do our annual staff function, we will get to work with you again and with bigger budget for more great activities. We really look forward to having another programme with FOCUS Adventure for our next Team Building programme!
– Peishan, Singtel

Well done, FOCUS!! Keep it up!
– Land Transport Authority

From FOCUS Adventure’s Team Building programme, we take back many news ideas and lessons. Thanks you to the FOCUS team. Me and my follow workers are all foreigners and this programme has given to us an oppourtunity to bond and be among each other.
– Aung Zaw

Just keep up the good work, FOCUS Adventure!
– Land Transport Authority

Just a quick note to say thank you for all your patience and professionalism in helping us to set up the team building programme. All of us had a good time. Our favourite part was the energisers ie. Pirates Walk the plank and Trolley. It was good to have the video playback of the day. I made us laugh so hard that our cheeks started hurting. Much appreciation to the facilitating team too. And thank you for the lovely birthday surprise. Hopefully, we can come back next year (and try out the High Elements)! All the best and warm regards.
– Heng San San, Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports

Good work, FOCUS Adventure!
– Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation (Singapore)

We had a very enjoyable Team Building programme and we were all so excited about it. Thanks so much for providing us an excellent team of facilitators and support staff. We hope to have the opportunity to engage FOCUS Adventure the following year for another round of Team Building programme for our managers and executives.
– Danny, AvanStrate

We had great fun and re-learnt many things which will be beneficial to our everyday working life. We would like to thank the FOCUS team for a job well done. Everyone felt that this Team Building programme was one of the best Team Building they had so far.
– Pauline Lim, Aesthetics Marketing Asia

On behalf of Avenue Asia Singapore, we would like to thank FOCUS Adventure for a wonderful, fun filled and enriching Team Building programme. We look forward to meeting FOCUS Adventure again and before that, we wish FOCUS Adventure a great adventurous time.
– Ben Yang, Avenue Asia Singapore

– Su Latt Win, MARSH

Great experience!
– Angel Lee, Standard Chartered Bank

We had loads of fun and the food was very delicious. Thank you so much!
– Nor Erlinda Bte Aini, Land Transport Authority

I had lots of fun. I loved the entire Team Building programme
– Nang May Zin Htike, Doka Formwork

The whole Team Building programme was great!
– Vani Karpagam, Land Transport Authority

Thank you, FOCUS Adventure for the wonderful Team Building Programme. Everyone really enjoyed it.
– Irene Fong, Amara Sanctuary Resort Hotel Sentosa

An excellent Team Building programme where the team discovered not only more about themselves but also of others. It also taught us the importance of teamwork and enabled us to understand how to integrate our own corporate values – The 4Ds, into our daily work.
– William Ng, Philips

A job well done for being able to integrate in the Team Building the key learning points of our company’s core values. The Team Building was both challenging and fun. I am confident that every individual will agree that it was time well spent. In my own option, I give FOCUS Adventure a score of 9 out of 10 and would gladly recommend you to others departments.
– Alan Yeo, Philips

I thoroughly enjoyed the Team Building programme. Overall, the session was well thought through and ample time was allocated in between the different programme segments. I definitely will recommend this Team Building to others.
– Lim Soo Cheen, Philips

I thoroughly enjoyed The Geocaching Challenge! However the programme could be extended an hour longer to take into consideration the time it took for us to fully utilize the navigational tools.
– HDB, Housing & Development Board

I love FOCUS Adventure’s Team Building programme.
– Ea Zhi Jian, Soitec

Totally tired out!!
A day of Joy and Fun.. Discovery of Self and Others..
Seeing all Talents at work: Joining rods to connectors;
We started off from scratch not knowing the outcome,
Putting our heads together,
We contributed ideas and work together.
The product took shape – From conception to realization;
Relating back at work, this is truly “Develop People” and “Depend on Each Other”
To “Deliver Great Results” to “Delight Customers”
– Pang Bee Liang, Philips

I saw a great team with high energy and a winning spirit to go the extra miles during PPS (Philips People Service) Team Building session.
– Kampon, Philips

Thank you very much for making the Team Building programme such a memorable one! I enjoyed myself very much and would definitely look forward to the next FOCUS Adventure Team Building session. I think the facilitators did a great job at engaging the participants as well as explaining clearly the key learning points. I will definitely recommend this to other business units. Overall, it was good, fun and enjoyable! Once again, thanks for the Team Building programme!”
– Joyce Koh, Philips

Working together as team is progress to success.
– Karthikeyan, Philips

Be prepared for a day filled with mind stimulating challenges and nitty-gritty bits you didn’t know about your closest colleague…
“Depend on each other” as no one will let you fall when you reach out for help. No matter how big, small, heavy or light you are…
The fun activities lead us to “Develop People” whose brilliant strategies that has enabled us to succeed in tough (and almost unthinkable) challenges…
We strategize, experiment, innovate and share our experience to eventually overcome any obstacles in our way…
Definitely a day we will remember for the years to come!”
– Susan Peh, Philips

I can say it was one of the best Team Building programme that I have ever attended. It was a very good and interactive. Thank you very much, FOCUS Adventure.
– Azizan, Telekom Malaysia

Thank you to the FOCUS team and you for organizing our RBC DEXIA Team Building. We had a fantastic time!
– Abdul Hamid, Noridah, Club Med Services Pte Ltd

The Team Building programme went very well and everyone enjoyed it. Thanks to the FOCUS team for facilitating the programme.
– W C Boh, Emerson Process

Honestly I had a good time during the Team Building programme. I found it to be professionally conducted. Keep it up FOCUS Adventure.
– Razali, (National Trades Union Congress) NTUC Club

Overall it was a great Team Building experience.
– Lawerence Teh, Civil Service College

Just keep up the good work and I will be back for the 4th time.
– SP Goh, Emerson Process

We would like to thank you for the wonderful Team Building programme that was organized for Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa! We enjoyed ourselves thoroughly and sincerely appreciate your warm hospitality. The experience was definitely a memorable one. We are more than happy to welcome FOCUS Adventure to our resort!
– Michelle Wong, Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa

My decision to participate in my company’s Team Building programme 2 weeks ago in Bintan Lagoon Resort paid off, as the programme really opened up my eyes and mind through those enriching challenges and eye-opening experiences. I truly benefitted from FOCUS’ Team Building programme and I hope I have learnt and make some impact to others’ life in future!
– Kimberly Liew, Emerson Process

Overall, the Team Building was a good learning experience. Thank you very much!
– Ng Hock Keong, Central Provident Fund Board


The Cooking Challenge! was great. The points the facilitator highlighted were fruitful and relevant. It would be even better if the reason behind the auction was explained. Overall, the Team Building programme was an enjoyable and memorable experience. Thank you.
– See Eng Pyng, National University of Singapore

Thank you very much for making the Team Building programme such a memorable one! I really enjoyed myself and so did the rest of the managers. We had a good time because it was not just frivolous fun but Andy did a very good job at engaging the managers throughout the day and explaining clearly the key learning points. It was good that the key points that Andy highlighted challenged the managers and they were definitely thought provoking. Mr Narendran, our CEO of NatSteel said that we would consider FOCUS Adventure for future Team Building proggrammes. Well, I certainly look forward to working with you guys in the future.
– Loretta, NatSteel Holdings Pte Ltd

I would like to compliment Andy for his debriefing skills and also thank the entire FOCUS team for delivering a great “The Cooking Challenge!” programme. The experience of outdoor cooking with limited ingredients, the fun of bidding plus the overall teamwork was Fun-tastic! We truly enjoyed ourselves. Thank You!!
– Serene Tan, National University of Singapore (Office of Financial Services)

Thank you so much for the Team Building programme! Our whole office still can’t stop talking about the Team Building session! A big thanks to FOCUS Adventure, Joy, Andy and the rest of the team for a memorable and ‘FOOD’-FUL event.
– Royston Chiew, National University of Singapore (Office of Financial Services)

We were very pleased with the Team Building programme. Both Adam and Andy are great facilitators. They were able to bring across great pointers on Team Building and also create rapport with the participants. Overall, we will definitely consider FOCUS for our next programme!
– Lim Soo Heng, Singapore Technologies Aerospace Ltd

We had a really good time during our Team Building Programme! Special mention to Andy Pan, our facilitator Well done!
– Catarina, Inter IKEA Distribution Far East Pte Ltd

The Team Building was well organized. Keep it up.
– STA Inspection

I would like to compliment Joey for his debriefing skills during our Cooking Challenge programme. He was engaging and able to clearly put across the learning points. Well done!
– Ruth, National University of Singapore

Can’t get enough of the Team Building activities, low elements and high elements. Would love a campfire. Overall the experience was good.
– Soh Nen Wen, Singapore Technologies Aerospace

Well-received responses from my division! They said that the activities were very interesting and enjoyed themselves. Once again, I would really like to extend my appreciation to you and your team for all the effort. Thanks a lot!! We will definitely recommend FOCUS to our other divisions!
– Gigi Wong, Land Transport Authority (Systems Assurance Integration)

Do allow me to express my heartfelt thanks to you & your team for the effort and assistance rendered to us which enable us to complete the Team Building session on 21st August 2009 successfully!
Once again, thanks for everything & looking forward to see you soon in the next round.
– Ek Chor, Land Transport Authority

I want to thank you and your team for delivering a great programme earlier. Everyone enjoyed themselves tremendously. More importantly, the message of change management, conflict management and collaboration was sent strongly and consistently throughout the session. For sure, I will recommend FOCUS Adventure as a highly possible and recommended partner for any future Team Building programmes within StarHub.
– Tan Ai Ling, Starhub

It is a great programme. I think FOCUS is a professional organization and we will definitely engage again. Keep it up. Thank for making it a fun time for the team.
– Annie Lee, Flextronics

To speak and explain in both English and Chinese can be difficult, but James, our facilitator delivered well and is very good!
– Debby Kwa, Four Seasons

Overall was good!
– Senior Executive Assistant, Sony

Fun and Enjoyable!
– Land Transport Authority

My colleagues and I enjoyed ourselves so much that day!
– Rosalyn Kang, Singtel

Well done!
– Christine Lim, Maersk

It will be great if we could have an even longer programme, i.e. 2 days!
– Azrina Binte Abdul Azim, Ministry of Manpower

I am happy with the programme, my team could use these positive attitudes at work.
– Edward Kway, Frasers

It has been a pleasure working with you and your facilitators in planning for the Team Building programme for our Management Advance. Our participants enjoyed the Rollercoaster Challenge tremendously and more than 90% rated the programme to have met or exceeded expectations! On this note, I would like to once again thank you and your team for your kind support!
– Winnie Lim, Maritime Port Authority

Great programme and facilitators!
– Vice President, Citibank

We found that the programme is good enough. The facilitator is very experienced and friendly, and the activities were really relevant to each of our individual objectives. Overall, I had great fun! Keep up the good work guys!
– Jessica, Citibank

The programme itself was fantastic and top-quality. All of us had lots of fun and achieve our goals for the programme on Friday! It was awesome! Joey is an excellent facilitator! Thumbs up for Joey! Thanks so much for providing such a great afternoon for everyone! It was awesome and we would be back again! People will be talking about it for some time!
– Christina Yong, Citibank (Risk Management)

Well done!
– Teng Hui Ling, Monetary Authority Singapore

We have received very positive feedback from the team on our Team Building programme and we’re still reliving the memorable moments from the photos and video. The Team Building challenge was very well organized and successful. It wouldn’t have been possible without your careful planning of the programme to best meet our team’s needs. Please extend our heartfelt thanks to your team (Joey, James, Ketut, etc) for all their hard work and the job well done! I look forward to working with you again!
– Ka Mung, Edward Lifesciences (Singapore)

It’s fun!
– Zai, Nanyang Technological University

Great Team Building activities!
– Seiji Aoyagi, Abbott

From my point of view my team was satisfied, I enjoyed this programme a lot! It was interesting!
– Kuppusamy Muthaiyan, Jurong Shipyard Pte Ltd

Should enhance to a 2 day 1 night Team Building programme to further bond participants!
Enjoyable & Professional, Thank you!
Well Done! Keep up the good work!
– Team of Maritime Port Authority of Singapore (Corporate Service)

It was an overwhelming experience for our organisation already. Thank you!
– Sales Director, Danfoss

We did our Trebuchet Challenge on 15th July 2009 and had a wonderful time learning about innovation.
I am convinced that the session may not have been as rewarding if not for the professional and competent FOCUS facilitators.
In particular, we would like to thank Adam, Serene, John & Vicki for making the session a success. Kudos!
– Marcus, Singapore Civil Defence Force Innoventure Club

Thanks for the great Team Building experience. Your team is simply fantastic, Andrew Leong is one great facilitator! His passion and energy is beyond words!
– Jasmine Choo, Sentosa Leisure Group (Commercial Division)

Good Job!
– Jamane, Sumitomo

Overall the activities (both indoor and outdoor) were fun and engaging. Good work!
– Officer, Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology

Given the time constraint this was the best achieved. Thanks!
– Trivedi Kalpesh, MCI

We didn’t want a pleasant experience. We wanted a challenge, excitement, and FUN! And we got it! Good Job to Joey, James and the FOCUS team 
– Endra Sani, Promatrix

Keep up the good work!
– Ng Min Hui, Singapore Mass Rapid Transit

Well done team….
It was fun.
– Team of Bayer


We had a great time!
– Erica Chui, Orchard Hotel

Everything was pleasant 
– GE Life

– Grace, Monetary Authority of Singapore

A creative and fantastic way to creative teamwork and bonds in our group! Overall the experience is fun, endurance and motivating! Thanks FOCUS Adventure!
– Steve Lim, Pacesetter

Keep up the good work!
– Li Li, Procter & Gamble

It was great! All in all FOCUS facilitators were very good, especially Andy.
– Danny, Singapore Institute of Management

A good Team Building experience. Great fun!
-Teacher, Greenridge Primary School

We have received very good feedback from our colleagues. So congrats to Tessa, Terence and team for a job well done!
– Steven, Lundbeck

Most enjoyable team programme I have ever attended!
– Fiona Glenny, Lundbeck

Hi Sau Bing, Thank you for facilitating our Team Building programme on 12 June. Most colleagues and I had our first time experience on the High Elements. The programme was well-received by my colleagues and many of us have enjoyed ourselves as seen in the video and photos. We look forward to future opportunities in participating in any Team Building programmes organised by FOCUS. Cheers!
– Edmund Lee, Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (MTI Corporate Service Division)

Overall programme activities were relevant and interesting.
– Nanyang Technological University

All was perfect!
– Ministry of Education

It was an enjoyable Team Building programme overall and the outcome was obvious; the fact that all attempted in all programmes was the undeniable proof of success!
– Ravinder Gour, Masterbulk

I express my gratitude for FOCUS’ encouragement and support during our The Team Building Challenge! programme, without which it would not have been possible for me to successfully perform. I appreciate your team’s understanding and guidance. This was one of the best Team Building programme I have ever participated in. I congratulate FOCUS on doing it successfully all the time!
– Iqbal Hashmi, SKF Pakistan

Thank you for a successful programme on Monday evening. The group had a lot of fun during the trail and everything went well.
– Joanna, Temasek Holdings Pte Ltd

The age group of the participants were very diversified and it was a job well done from the facilitators.
– Joycelyn, The Singapore-MIT Alliance

Just want to express our heartfelt thanks for a great retreat that our staff had last week. It was one enriching experience where learning comes alive! We thoroughly enjoyed the whole programme and. Kudos to you, Andy, Adam and Joey for a job well done!
– Patricia Kin, Institute of Mental Health

Good job! I enjoyed myself and brought back with me the following meaningful insights: 1. Never assume. 2. Think & do is much better than do & think. 3. Spare a thought for others in my team – don’t be selfish.
– Mary Aw, Hong Leong

New and great learning experience!
-Hong Leong

Thanks for organising the team building activities for us. It is very well planned and everyone enjoy themselves and having a lot of fun. Well done!
– Shirley, Goh Joo Hin

Thank you for the wonderful Team Building programs in Bintan. We certainly gained a lot in terms of bonding among the colleagues locally and overseas.
– Hui Fen, Kester Components

It would be great if FOCUS could keep me informed about new programme updates!
– Leslie Basil, Shangri-La

Thank for the chocolates and the framed photo. We enjoyed the programme and I have received positive feedbacks from my colleagues for the well-organized activities and many commented that Geocaching Challenge is fun and interesting. Thank for the flexibility shown, and pleaseextend my compliments to your team.
– Sandra Ang, Ministry of Finance

On behalf of Corporate Services Division (HPB), i would like to thank you and your colleagues (Chew, Andrew and Jeffray) for facilitating the Team Building session. Judging from all the laughters, I’m sure everyone (including myself) enjoyed ourselves very much!
– Lynn Ng, Health Promotion Board

Everybody enjoyed the day’s activities, the Team Challenge Pyramid was a big challenge indeed. Nevertheless, we all made it and it was a great achievement.
The organization of the Team Building programme was well planned and Chew, our facilitator, was great. Also the other instructors on the Team Challenge Pyramid helped us along and we felt fully secured and safe throughout. Everybody made it sound and safe.
The JETSKI Safari activity was really thrilling! Plus, the accomodation provided was also good. I am sure, if budget allows, we look forward to having another programme next year and we will definitely approach you to see what we can organize. Once again, a big THANK YOU from the Corporate Services of Bayer (South East Asia) Pte Ltd.
– Fabrice Donnez , Bayer (South East Asia)

Kudos to Sau Bing and Melissa for the wonderful programme line-up. It has indeed been a very different learning experience, a different FOCUS!
– Ramdzan Fikir, Singapore Police Force

You guys are great!!!
– Nora, BT Engineering

On behalf of our management and the participants of last Friday’s Leadership Programme, we would like to extend our appreciation for the excellent work done by you and your facilitators. The programme went seamlessly well and with positive feedback from the participants.
The rafting challenge was the most liked activity, as participants managed to find themselves being engaged and bonded with their teammates to complete the “race”. In fact, this activity had left a deep impression in all the participants. With that, thank you and keep up the good work!
– Ivy Tan, 6 Army Maintenance Base

The Team Building was really impressive. Some participants already asked me for FOCUS’ contact details for they think FOCUS is very capable and trustworthy, and is a good choice for their country’s own seminar/ meeting Team Building programme. Really appreciated!
– Alice Zhuang, Total Oil

FOCUS displayed professionalism and was prepared when planning and delivering our programme. It also rose to the occasion when the programme for the campfire had to be changed at the last minute; despite a turnaround time of less than 1hr, FOCUS proved that it could execute a new programme on the spot when required. Thank you!
– Attorney-General’s Chambers

Again thank you for the great experience! I had received a lot of good feedback and it was a pleasure working with you.
– Lieke Jans, Aspect Medical Systems

I am very impressed by the professionalism and friendliness of your staff.
– Kirpal Singh, Singapore Prison Service


After completing the Team Challenge Pyramid, we were overcome with a newfound sense of self-esteem and realization that with teamwork the most seemingly difficult challenge can be conquered.
Click here to view full published article
– Jodi Lee, REC Group (Learning & Organizational Development team)

Everyone had a good and fun time and the event surely promoted a good Team Building experience!
Click here to view the full published article (link)
– Jodi Lee, REC Group (Cell and Module EPCM team)

Just to let you know that I’ve received the A3 photo & CDs, and Chocolate!!! Thank you very much, I enjoyed the programme a lot. (by the way, i think the rest also had a great time) Hope to have another event with you again soon.
– Hui San, Housing and Development Board

It is one of the greatest programmes I have ever had. It promotes team effort and Teamwork between our colleagues and of course enables us to know each other much better.
– Cheong Mun Yin, National University of Singapore

On behalf of IDA-SLA ITD , I would like to thank Shan and the FOCUS team for a job well done on Monday.
Thank you for liasing with us as well.
– Fabian, Singapore Land Authority

Please extend my appreciaion to you, Andy and the rest of the FOCUS Adventure team for a job well done! We’re happy that things went safe and smooth yesterday. Good job! We should keep in touch.
– Molly, Exxonmobil

Thank you for helping us to organize our Team Building programme on 27th February 2009 and delivering a bag of gifts to our office recently. It was nice working with you.
– Ma Ta Nee, Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore

Good and Fun.
– Chellan Thangadurai, Standard Chartered

The entire programme was really enjoyable and unforgettable, we couldn’t stop sharing the enjoyable time that we had in Bintan amongst our colleagues, friends and family members. FOCUS Facilitators are well trained, each activity was very fun and memorable even till today. If there’s anyone who wants to join this programme, “FOCUS Adventure” is the best choice!
– May Teoh, Sony

After this program, I have learnt alot and gained more experiences. As a supervisor, I will recommend more of these programmes so that as a company, we can learn more, have fun together and interact among each other.
– Ah Huat, Sony

The activities for our Team Building were challenging and fun. From the programme, I have learnt something: the importance of teamwork and communication between colleagues and others. The session was also well-organized. Hope the next Team Building will be increasingly adventurous and challenging
– Lim Ming Choo, Sony

The whole Team Building programme kept me awake throughout and it made me so excited to know what and when is the next training. I really enjoyed myself for the whole programme. I will be sharing with friends, whom have not been to Team Building courses and at least share my excitement and experience of the programme with them.
– Jacqualine See, Sony

The course was effective and we enjoy ourselves a lot!
– Sony

Excellent facilitators, great programme!
– Steven Ong, Sony

Staff feedback has been very positive and most of them have enjoyed themselves. Thanks to the FOCUS team for making it a success!
– Alice Lai, Sony

Highly Recommended!
– Alex Chan, Sony

Basically, this is my first time joining a Team Building programme organized by FOCUS and I found that it was awesome and unique from other vendors. FOCUS facilitators are extremely friendly and easy to communicate with in every activity. After this Team Building and resuming work, I can feel that my working style has changed. Of course, it’s positive change! Before I end my testimonial, I wish I could join any other activities organized by FOCUS in future!
– Hiu, Sony

We at National Heritage Board were extremely happy and we had so much fun during our Retreat on 27th March 2009 at Sembawang. Although the weather was hot, it did not dampen the spirits of us NHBians to enjoy the day. The games were challenging and it did put a lot of emphasis on working together as a whole to ensure that success is within our grasp. Thank you to all facilitators for the effort in planning right down to the execution. It was a day to remember and a good start to a new work year.
– Juraimi Jamal, National Heritage Board

FOCUS Adventure has a learning programme that I would recommend to everybody; the strengths and team spirit of every individual can enhance knowledge and skills within the entire team. It was fun and I really enjoyed the programme a lot!
– Gail N.Hipolito, Shangri-La

A job well done!
– Nelson, Ministry of Manpower

A well organised and executed programme.
– Defence Science and Technology Agency

One of the best Team Building programmes which I enjoyed most. Very enriching, very useful for people who just join Defence Science and Technology Agency (DSTA)! Cheers!
– Lua Choon Seng, Defence Science and Technology Agency

Yes I believed all of us had enjoyed and learn a handful of good lessons from FOCUS Adventure. Thanks to your guys especially Andy Pan.
– Chua Hung Peng, Defence Science and Technology Agency

It was a great programme. Had a great time and had learnt alot. Thank you.
– Brandon Chia, Defence Science and Technology Agency

The venue for the retreat was an excellent choice. The facilitator was very friendly and no doubt very knowledgeable. Had fun interacting with them. Hope to return soon.
– Hafiz, National Environment Agency

Overall, the programme met my expectation. The Incredible Race was especially fun and motivating. It brought out those with leadership quality and those who performed tasks enthusiastically with 100% commitment. Really appreciate the provision of a Prayer Room for Muslim officers to perform our obligatory afternoon prayers.
– Abdul Jalil B A Aziz, National Environment Agency

First of all, thank you for making our Team Building programme possible on 12 February 2009 in Bintan. The entire team really had fun. Personally, I did a survey and FOCUS scored well!!! I am really glad that everyone enjoyed the session though they were rather skeptical initially, even Chew noticed when he first met us. I look forward to working with you again!
– Melinda Chia, Johnson & Johnson

FOCUS facilitators; Andy and James were both professional and interesting, truly made our day with their humor. Andy’s introduction of the energizers helped me get to know my teammates better.
The geo-caching, amazing race Team Building was great and the pace of the programme was just right. Interesting Team Building!!! Melissa, thanks for arranging our Team Building programme, we really enjoyed ourselves!
– Jinny Lee, OCBC Bank

The challenges were fun.
– Accenture

We had a great time! Thanks.
– Liling Lim, Research In Motion

Well done to the facilitators, I really enjoyed myself.
– Pfizer

Excellent Learning with fun!
– Zafar Mehmood, Bayer

Good activities and link to working environment.
– Rosalina Sutadi, Bayer

This program has a creative and interesting way of delivering Team Building messages through its challenging yet fun activities, where it gives me different perspective on solving situational problems.
– Aljuffry Abdullah, Ministry of Manpower

It was a really fun learning experience!
– Burger King

The programme met my expectations, i.e. to get energised, get to know colleagues, strengthen bond, and promote culture of inclusiveness and continuous improvement. Would be good to have it once a year to reinforce.
– Anthony Chan, Pfizer

Joey is a good facilitator for our session on 4th February 2009; planned physical games and activities were able to reflect the importance of teamwork, continueous improvement, organizations vision and integrity.
– CS Teng, Pfizer