Breaking free from the corporate boundaries and limitations to let the creative juices flow whilst facing challenges; a fine line, but a catalyst to free the mind and being the star on stage.

This is what Ready Set Action Challenge! is about!

The participants are to use the mindset: Opportunity over Obstacle when adhering to a set of parameters which might seem like a limitation, but could also be an opportunity and the catapult of creativity, to achieve the final objective: produce a commercial.

The commercial will then be performed live on stage in front of the rest of the teams.

The Ready Set Action Challenge! brings out a familiar corporate team environment into one in which it encourages a fresh outlook and mindset of what’s usually experienced.

In the end, who will be the star? Have best comedy? Be most creative? That’s up to you to decide!

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The pay-off from all the hard work.

There is great satisfaction in knowing we have done our job well and served our clients’ interests to reach their organisation’s objectives. It gives us particular satisfaction when our clients take the time to acknowledge their satisfaction by providing FOCUS Adventure with testimonials.

We are very grateful that one of our esteemed clients, Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore have taken the time to provide us with some kind words based on their experience with FOCUS Adventure in The Cooking Challenge! team building programme conducted at Sembawang’s Adventure Training Center.

Environment with a countryside feel and look definitely provides a relaxing mood compared to formal and conventional way of learning. New discovery on many talented cooks among our colleagues  
– Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore



FOCUS Adventure celebrates Children’s Day with MINDS students at Universal Studio Singapore

As part of its corporate social responsibility efforts to support children and youths with special needs, FOCUS Adventure hopes to be a catalyst for growth, development and change for the students.

In collaboration with Towner Gardens School, one of the four special education schools run by the Movement for the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore (MINDS), FOCUS Adventure brought 20 students to Universal Studios Singapore (USS) on 1st October 2014.

Unlike conventional excursions where companies solely bring the children on tours to various Singapore’s attractions, FOCUS Adventure taps on its expertise in experiential learning to unleash the students’ potential through team challenges (attempting the rides as a group) and photo quizzes, leading to greater self-awareness and self-confidence.

With this project, FOCUS Adventure hopes that it can play a small but significant part to create awareness about Persons With Disability (PWDs); thereby ensuring a greater chance for the students to maximise their potential and become independent individuals who can integrate into the society successfully.

Testimonials from Towner Garden School

Thank you very much for the kind sponsorship.  Our students have a terrific time.  It has been a hot day and it was really hard on you all to see to their needs.  Really appreciate all the lovely goodies bestowed on them.

Our heartfelt thanks to all of u out there!
– Ms Loke, Principal

Our hearfelt thanks for a wondeful day out yesterday. The kids truly enjoyed themselves and also benefitted from learning about teamwork, responsibility as well as navigation. For some of them who have not yet gone to a theme park, just going on the rides was a fun learning experience for them. Thank you so much for giving them this unforgettable opportunity.

Your attention to our safety as well the comfort of the students did not go unoticed by our teachers. In addition you still showered them with gifts (caps, lunch, goodie bags) from your own pockets.

Thanks for making a difference in their lives. Hope you all had as much fun as the students and teachers did yesterday.

On behalf of Michelle and Learning Journey Committee, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
– Lisa, Teacher



The effectiveness of training programmes largely depend on the qualities of the trainer and facilitator. Thus, it is important for trainers and facilitators to upgrade their skill sets and knowledge. FACTS is a 3-day Train-the-Trainer Course for participants to learn more about FOCUS Adventure’s methods, techniques and processes in facilitating Adventure Learning Programmes. Through this course,  participants will learn how to design, customize and conduct Adventure Learning Programmes as well as ways to integrate Adventure Learning techniques into other forms of learning methods, such as classroom based training or coaching. This course is ideal for trainers and facilitators who are looking for new ideas and techniques to increase participants engagement.

Learning Outcomes
– Learn about FOCUS Adventure’s techniques and approaches
– Learn how to design and conduct effective Adventure Learning Programmes
– Learn how to customize activities to meet different learning objectives
– Learn how to apply Adventure Learning concepts into other forms of learning methods

Course Delivery Format
–  Indoors and outdoors activities
– Group discussion and activities
– Practice and feedback

Course is for
– Trainers, Educators, Coaches, Instructors and Facilitators
– HRM, HRD and L&D personnel interested to learn more about Adventure Learning
– Anyone in the people development sector

Course Date
– Customised In-house training is available

Course Fee
– $1500 excluding GST
– Inclusive of 3 meals per day
– 10% Early Bird Discount (payment received 4 week before course commencement)
– Group Discount of 5% for two or more individuals from the same organization



The Basic Facilitator Course is now being replaced and upgraded to Basic Officer Course (BOC).

The BOC is a selection and induction programme for the intake of all Officers level; from Assistant Managers all the way to CEO. Officers of the various units (Logistics, Safety, R&D, Business Development, SeaOPS etc.) hold leadership and management positions with the company. It is the start of the journey of a career that will take you to “places you have never been before”; the beginning of an exciting and meaningful career that will Challenge and Stretch your own limits to a whole new level.

Officers are selected based on educational qualification of minimum a Bachelor Degree (exceptions are given to Diploma holders who are pursuing a Degree) and individuals who possess the H.AI.R. Qualities (You may find out more about the H.A.I.R. Qualities on FOCUS Adventure’s website).

Besides FOCUS Adventure, potential Officers are also recruited through our sister companies,
Outdoor Adventures and CAMP CHALLENGE based on Vocations and put through this 7 days central training, selection and induction process. During the 7 days programme, potential candidates are constantly challenged at a mental, physical and emotional level. Candidates must demonstrate Leadership, Teamwork and the ability to Adapt and Innovate and make sound decisions on the ground. Candidates who are deemed not
suitable will drop out of the course with no strings attached. Those who successfully finished the 7 days will be put through further training and development in the OJT phase depending on Vocations.

Individuals can also join the various companies as an Associate Officer if he/she possess specialist skills such as sailing or mountaineering and wants to be part of this Adventure on associate basis. However, passing the BOC is mandatory as the Associate Officers will carry the same leadership and responsibilities based on rank as the full time counterpart.

Here’s what our BOC graduates have to say about their experience:

Name: Gladys TAN

BOC 23 was indeed an experience for me. I was never afraid of heights however when I was attempting the High Elements as well as the Team Challenge Pyramid I realized the feeling was totally different. The element of fear was present because there was no support given, the only two support I relied on was my team members who were there to ensure my safety as well as the safety gears provided. I’ve learnt to trust my team members more and also the safety equipment provided. It was through constant encouragement and support from them which allowed me to push myself to complete the obstacles. Through this course, I am able to experience and understand what participants are going through when they attempt to complete the challenges. It was really sweet to see how everyone was kind to one another and how some of us have bonded really well after this course.

I definitely do not regret attending this course in fact I really appreciate how this course has allowed me to better understand my strengths and weaknesses. BOC 23 has given another perspective to FOCUS Programmes; it is impactful and meaningful. Lastly, I am thankful for having great team members as well as a great facilitator conducting the entire course, it is truly a wonderful experience!

Name: Jeff TAN

It is definitely interesting and at the same time fulfilling experience for me as I have been looking forward to attending this program. Going through the different activities ranging from the energizers, mobile adventure programs and low elements not only allow me to learn the important points of conducting and debriefing the activities, it also provided me the opportunity to feel how the clients feels. This allows me to better pace the experience of the clients during the facilitation. As it does to the client’s company, it too built the relationship between me and my fellow colleagues.

The high elements pushed me to challenge myself while the 25 metres Team Challenge Pyramid got me to understand more about my-self being a leader. The self-discovery of how encouraging I am towards my team mates, how determine I am to challenge my-self and how much patience I have while leading got me to reflect on areas of improvements for my-self. There’s a saying, how you play your game is a reflection of life. In a team, it’s never about one person and an individual can never be a leader when there is no one to lead.
In overall, I enjoyed the self-discovery and the moments where all of us got to seat down, chat and laugh about the common moments over a meal.

Name: Liping NAH

It’s truly an unforgettable lifetime experience that I have gained from BOC 23!  By going through the High Element and Team Challenge Pyramid (TCP), I have taken a step further to understand the importance of TEAMWORK.

The Pamper’s Pole left me with the deepest impression throughout the 2 days course! I can only hear endless words of encouragement from all my fellow colleagues when I’m up on the Pamper’s Pole.

Personally, I felt that BOC has given us opportunity to indentify our individual strength and weakness which we simply ignore on our daily life.

Overall experience in two words “Epically Awesome”

Name: Dianne TAN

BOC 23 was truly an experience! I had previous experience doing High Elements, (although it was years ago) but I thought that would be a walk in the park for me. However, the moment I stood on the ‘Balancing Beam’ and looked down to my team mates, I felt the real terror of the High Elements – 15m in height! And I am glad I made it through.

Team Challenge Pyramid was something I always looked forward to complete and I was given the chance to do so in BOC 23. Although we took a slightly longer time to complete as compared to the other time, I was glad that my team made it through together and none of us gave up no matter how much tears was shed!

BOC 23 was certainly memorable and I appreciate that the course had all of us bonded. The course also made me realised my strengths and how perceived fears will always be there, but if we take that one step, to inch forward, we will definitely overcome and achieve the ultimate goal!

“The True Test Of A Champion Is Not Whether He Can Triumph, But Whether He Can Overcome Obstacles!”

Name: Yongjun FOO

The Basic Officer Course (BOC) was definitely a great experience for me, being given the chance to stand in a participant’s perspective and actively participate in the wide variety of programs and activities conducted for us.

The most memorable activity for me has to be the Team Challenge Pyramid (TCP) located in Bintan, where it pushed my limits as well as put the team’s camaraderie to test. Standing 25m above the ground, the first thing I had to do was to control my own fear and brush away all the worried looks on my face, so that it can be a form of confidence booster and assurance for the rest of my team. Saying that, it was not an easy feat for me either, even though I love rock climbing and did bungee jumping before, my legs were trembling a little while going through certain parts of the course!

The skies were turning dark and I think the fact that the whole team is dependent on an individual’s performance helped to push us on. At the end of it, I am very heartened that the whole team managed to complete it together.

In overall, the whole course was truly enjoyable and fruitful for everyone.



On 31 July, participants from Singapore Institute of Management (SIM) Global Education came together for a meaningful afternoon of teambuilding activities with a special element of community service in it.

The programme was done in collaboration between SIM and the chosen beneficiaries – Viriya Family Service Center and Whispering Hearts Family Service Center; both charitable organizations which provide community and social services to low-income families in Singapore. There were a total of 65 children and youths of different ages, races and gender who turned up at the programme.

Prior to the arrival of the children and youths, the participants from SIM were split into teams and tasked to design and create welcome gifts for the children. The teams showcased their creativity and craftsmanship by making DIY stationary cases as well as building nanoblock figurines, which were presented to the children and youths upon their arrival, instantly brightening their faces.

The participants then accompanied the children through The S.E.A Aquarium Challenge! where they were given a colourful race booklet,  and tasked to search for the answers within the Aquarium. During the race, the participants were able to interact closely with the children, and at the same time, the children were able to enjoy the interaction with the marine animals in the Aquarium, an experience that may not come by easily.

At the end of the programme, the efforts and hard work were all worth it with the sight of the wide smiles on the children’s faces and the knowledge that they have truly enjoyed the whole session.


Everything was done so well that I’m sure we will engage FOCUS again in the future
– Tiurma

Thank you for supporting us and making the programme a memorable experience for our colleagues and the children. Our colleagues shared that the programme was very meaningful and they really enjoyed it.

Like what I have told you, our team is very impressed with your Facilitators and they have done a great job in keeping our staff engaged! Do pass our compliments to them. Last but not least, thank you for being so prompt and responsive to our requests. Really a joy to work with you 
– Angela Phua



“You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes people to make the dream a reality”. – Walt Disney.

Employee engagement is an important driver of organizational success. When employees are engaged with their work, they’re more fulfilled, more productive and more motivated to create satisfied and loyal customers.

Measuring employee engagement and executing engagement programs can appear to be a daunting process. FOCUS Adventure can assist in finding out the needs of the employees and crafting out a suitable engagement program to keep their motivation and drive high.

Using the G.E.M. model, we create a customized survey to Gather feedbacks and results on the type of engagement program that entices them. With the feedbacks and findings, we proceed to a facilitated session to Evaluate and narrow down the results to Mould the perfect engagement program for the employees.

Our engagement programs include but not limited to:

–      Recreational certification programs. (Sailing Competent Crew Course, PPCDL powerboat licence, kayaking certification course)

–      Dinner & Dance. (Venue, customised planning, emcee and overall execution)

–      Family Bonding Day. (Venue, planning, emcee and overall execution of a customised family bonding day)

–      Lunch time workouts. (Yoga, Zumba, Pound, etc.)


To find out more about how we can execute a customized effective Dynamic Employee Engagement Program for your organization, drop us an email at



The Basic Officer Course (BOC) is a specially designed 5 day course which allows every participant to experience 5 days worth of a range of activities that FOCUS Adventure, CAMP CHALLENGE, OUTDOOR Adventures & SeaOPS (FACCOASO) provides. It is not only an initiation for anyone who would like to pursue a career with FOCUS Adventure; it also allows them the opportunity to realise if this job is the right fit for them. A major part of the course also allows the Lead FAcilitators to manage the course objectives, to observe the participants behaviours and identify those who demonstrate the greatest Leadership potential.


The BOC focuses on participants of all Officer levels; from Assistant Manager  to Director levels . Officers of the various units (Business Development, SeaOPS, CSR, Logistics, Safety, R&D etc.) hold leadership and management positions within the company. It is the start of the journey of a career that will take them to “places that they had never been before”; the beginning of an exciting and meaningful career that will Challenge and Stretch their own limits to a whole new level.

The BOC includes a session related to the vision, mission and all other methodology upon which FOCUS Adventure is based upon, plus a profiling session and The Leadership Challenge (TLC) session for participants to better understand themselves and their Leadership styles. It also gives participants an opportunity to learn and understand the debrief processes used in FOCUS Adventure, and a chance to experience the various activities, facilities and resources that FOCUS Adventure has, including our Sentosa, Sembawang and Raffles Marina sites using our own sailboats.

During the 5 days course, participants are constantly challenged at a mental, physical and emotional level. Participants must demonstrate Leadership, Teamwork and the ability to Adapt and Innovate and make sound decisions on the ground.

The BOC is a course that cannot be compared to anything else in the market and it definitely takes “Challenge” to a whole new level. The course is open to Corporates and Individuals  as well for a  fee and will certainly allow anyone who attends it, a glimpse into the exciting career of a FAcilitator or Project Manager at FOCUS Adventure!

Here’s what our BOC graduates have to say about their experience:

Name: Cheryl

BOC 27 was an enriching experience. Throughout the 5D4N, we were challenged both physically and mentally. Going through this process with the team enabled me to not only get to know them better, but also how my working style affects them.

An activity that stood out to me was ‘End of Line’. It resonated with me as it provided me with a better understanding on how the different roles in an organisation influence the dynamics of the staff. Having the sense of sight and verbal communication taken away, I learnt the importance of trust; be it in the people or the system in order to keep the team going.

My key takeaways include collaboration, trust and taking risks. All of these culminated towards the end where all of us ascended the TEAM CHALLENGE HOURGLASS. There were many opportunities to rely on and provide support to our teammates. These enabled us to forge bonds that will last past our BOC experience and into the working environment. I am very thankful to the FAcilitators and participants who made BOC 27 a positive and memorable experience!

Name: Panir

BOC was an intriguing programme, planned for all new partners of FOCUS Adventure (FA), CAMP CHALLENGE (CC), Outdoor Adventures (OA) & SeaOPS (SO). Together we went through a series of activities to have an overview as an InstructorFAcilitator and Project Manager.

Some activities were challenging which allowed us to know our fellow partners more in depth. Along with physically demanding activities, these moments opened us up to be more compassionate among each other throughout the course.

BOC batch mate’s endurance was tested throughout the programme, and also made some of my course mates overcome their fear. As a result, this created positive communication among us and levelled up our confidence to achieve greater heights together as an organisation.

Coming in with the background as an Outdoor Educator, this BOC was more of managing my course mates’ expectations, emotions and encouraging them to come out of their comfort zone to achieve greater heights. Those 5 days gave me an insight of what my appointment entails, what is expected out of me moving forward in FOCUS Adventure and my purpose of me given this opportunity.

Name: Ali

BOC 27 has been quite a rollercoaster ride for me.

We had a clearer understanding on all the different abbreviations that matters in the organisation and also gain insights on the systems in the organisation.

We had many activities that made the course so fun such as the High Elements, Team Challenge Hourglass, Sailing, Low Elements and also Kayaking!

I also deeply appreciated the DISC PROFILING portion where I got to better understand myself and my working style, it opened up my blind spots as an individual too.

All in all I feel that it was a great course which helped individuals to push beyond their limits and understand themselves better.

I definitely did not regret attending and if were to be given a chance, I would want to be part of the organising team to push myself to the limit, to give the future batch of participants a good experience.

Name: Gavin

BOC was certainly a fulfilling experience for me and my fellow peers. With the various activities prepared for us, we were well equipped with the knowledge about the structure of FACCOASO, how it runs, the values and culture we have, knowledge about activities, and most importantly being pushed out of our comfort zone. The best opportunity that I really enjoyed was that all of us had the chance to conduct different energisers every day. Not only was our confidence boosted, it gave us a chance to try out something new amongst our circle.

There were moments in certain activities where our fears were revealed, and this led us to realise and understand more about each other. Speaking of understanding each other, the DISC portion was apt for us, as we got to understand how each others’ working style is. The fact that we will be working with one another closely was vital that we learnt how to work together effectively and efficiently.

As much as we have learnt through the activities, the one thing I really enjoyed was the simple things like morning exercises, pre-meal appreciation, meals together and even supper together. These simple things really showed our close-knitted relationship together out of work, and that simple things like these can bring out camaraderie as well. This was evident when we wanted to rope everyone to join, or we ourselves want to be part of this circle, due to the fear of missing out.

“A circle represents that there are no loose ends”. A circle can remain in its shape; a circle can grow and be even bigger. Ultimately, it takes everyone to maintain the circle, and to grow it as well.

In conclusion, my BOC experience together with my peers and the FAcilitators was enriching and heartfelt. I would like to thank everyone for this experience.

Name: Jasmin

Basic Officer Course 27 (BOC) was truly a fun and enriching experience for me. The programme was well planned and it broke me out of my comfort zone which proved to me that I am capable of achieving more than I thought was possible.

Team Challenge Hourglass was the activity that left the deepest impression on me. Standing at 24m tall, this majestic tower definitely brought out the best in every single individual in the team.

Moving forward, I have more confidence in stepping out of my comfort zone and proving to myself again and again of what I am really capable of. A big thank you once again to my amazing team members as well as all the FOCUS FAcilitators that was involved from the planning to execution of the programme.

Name: Amanda

BOC 27 was indeed an eye opening experience for me. Being able to experience the different activities allowed me to better understand the perspectives of our participants. These include safety, level of engagement etc.

The segment which was most meaningful to me was the Team Challenge Hourglass, where I was provided the opportunity to be at the front. Being in a team with members who were extremely afraid of heights, it allowed me to constantly check on their progress and safety. This is highly relatable to working in an organisation, where it is crucial for all to be well aligned with the goals of the company. It’s not about going fast alone, but going the mile together. The Pampers Pole had also left me a deep impression, whereby we were required to take a leap of faith, it left me with no regrets.

Lastly, the whole course would not have been enjoyable without a sporting team. The FAcilitators and participants actively contributed and engaged us throughout the 5D4N session. It has definitely left me with sweet and impactful memories, making it a remarkable milestone through my FOCUS Adventure journey.

Name: Christina

It has been an enriching experience attending BOC. It gave me an opportunity to experience the various activities that FOCUS Adventure provides. I also learnt and understood the rationale of each activity and how they relate to our daily life.

I’m glad that I get to know my fellow colleagues better and building strong bonds between each other.

I would like to express my heart-felt thanks to everyone who made this BOC 27 a memorable one!

Name: Joey

BOC 27 was indeed an unforgettable experience in my life. By going through all the activities including High Elements and Team Challenge Hourglass together as a team, I have realised that nothing is impossible and we should always push ourselves out of our comfort zone. I have learnt to accept differences from everyone and at the same time explore more about myself. I became stronger and better during the course. It was a memorable and the most fun course I’ve ever attended.

Thank you to the team on FAcilitating the entire course while ensuring everyone’s safety.

Name: Mark

I really enjoyed BOC 27 as I became more aware of myself and learnt to relate to my colleagues better in a circle of openness.

I realised how real my fear of heights was on the high elements as I needed more time to complete the activities like Balancing Beam and Pampers Pole.

My teammates were very patient with me and cheered me on even though it meant delaying their lunch time because I took almost triple the time to complete the activities above as compared to them.

But it didn’t occur to me how much I needed to rely on my team until I was on the TCH. I stopped a 1/4 short of completing the tower due to dehydration and exhaustion and that was then I understood the limits of my body. I know now that I have to train my body better. Due to my fear of heights, I was reluctant to perform the Flight Line as well.

Looking back, I would like to try the TCH again in future.

The lesson I learnt was that in a department, it’s not a competition, but a co-operative effort where I needed to rely on the strengths of others and also be sensitive to their weaknesses.

Heights may be a problem and a real thing to me but others around me may have different fears that are real to them that I need to be sensitive and be empathetic towards their fears too.

Name: Belle

Attending the BOC 27 was an unforgettable experience for me. It showed me how teamwork can boost my personal confidence which made me complete the entire programme; which I would have never thought I could. The TCH taught us to trust our team members when the challenges seemed tough. My teammates always kept a lookout for one another. We encouraged each other to push on to reach the final objective. I am proud to be part of the BOC 27 as I truly enjoyed the programme and learnt a lot from each and every one.

The sharing of personal experience during the night has also let us knit closer to each other as we understood what he/she had gone through earlier in their life. I also appreciated being able to share my experiences which helped me broke the barrier I had prior to the course with my colleagues.

Other than high elements, I really enjoyed the low element teamwork activities and especially loved the water-based activities like Kayaking and Sailing. I’m really keen on participating in SeaOPS activities in future.

Above all, the greatest highlight would be the little quality times I had with my teammates and going through activities where we got to know each other on a deeper level like in DISC profiling, Lego Serious Play and in sharing our Life Journeys.

Hearing about the life others and given the opportunity to share my own has forged within our circle a place of safety and love for each other that will uphold us through tough times as co-workers in our time in FOCUS Adventure.

My many thanks go to the FAcilitators who tirelessly braved through short nights by planning and providing for us through the 5D4N.

I look forward to going the distance in building the vision of FOCUS Adventures with my teammates after this BOC experience.

In short, I am extremely fortunate to be part of BOC 27 and am proud to say that I have completed the challenges posted to me. Last but not least, it’s great to be part of the FA family!



Awarded Gold again in the HR Vendors of the Year 2020 is really special amongst the pandemic. It is no easy road but with a great team at FOCUS Adventure, we sure have been giving our best back to the society!
We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our clients and associates; for putting their outmost trust in us especially when we had to abandon our learning facilities to go virtual. It was definitely a new experience for us too.

Finally, this award is not only a recognition but it also serves as a reminder for us to keep working harder to bring out the best adventure learning experience to all. Thank you for the faith and trust in us, always!




“You can design and create the most beautiful place in the world, but it takes people to make it a reality” Walt Disney…

Team building: A term everyone can relate to, but what really is team building? Getting to know each other better, build better rapport, helping each other etc, etc… These are some of the things that we can describe about team building. We go through team building programs every now and then, and we put these attributes in actions. The question is, do we really practice these attributes in our daily working lives?

Team building doesn’t end when the program ends, as a matter of fact, it’s the beginning of a new adventure for an organization. Directly, or indirectly, and no matter how small the actions are, team building happens every day in our daily working lives.

People are the driving force in an organization. By working together, bringing down barriers, working out differences, negotiating ideas, will only push the organization forward to greater heights!