Andrew CHUA has over 10 years of experience in adventure learning. He is one of the pioneer facilitators that populated integration of action-oriented and interactive experiential learning modules into mainstream programmes like Teambuilding Challenge, Situational Leadership, The Leadership Challenge, The Learning Organisation and LEGO SERIOUS PLAY. This has effected a transformation in learning within the corporate arena.

Andrew has designed and facilitated in programmes specific to client’s objectives like conflict management, problem solving, values integration and shared vision. He has worked with most of the market leaders of various industries like Cisco Systems, FedEx, Citibank, Seagate Technologies, AIA, HSBC, SingTel and P&G.

Andrew is currently pursuing an MBA from the University of Leicester. He holds a Diploma in Human Resource Development and a Degree in Business Administration. In addition, he is licensed to conduct Situational Leadership II (Ken Blanchard and Co), Strength Deployment Inventory (Dr Elias Porter, PSP) and The Innovative Team (Leahy and Associates). In 2006, Andrew attended LEGO SERIOUS PLAY facilitation workshop in Florida and become one of the few LSP certified facilitators in Singapore. Andrew is also a Certified Behavioural Consultant.
His model for individual and team development is VISION, ACTION and PASSION

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What our clients say about Andrew CHUA

“On behalf of the department, I would like to express our appreciation for a very successful course conducted! Many of my colleagues enjoyed themselves thoroughly and we want to extend our thanks to your team and Andrew’s facilitators for putting together and executing the high-energy program for us.Everything went smoothly and even the weather held up for a day – which was very fortunate indeed.Please continue to keep my informed of any follow-ups that are required from the department. Hope to work together with FOCUS Adventure again soon !”
– Denis, CPF

“Thanks for making the NGI Team Building offsite possible. Our folks had a lot of fun despite the Thunder-Storm on 30 July (though they are disappointed to have missed the High Elements and Low Elements on Day 2) which limited the outdoor activities. And also thanks to Andrew who have kindly offered us another shot at the High Elements with a free lunch thrown in (a 0.5 day High Element Team Building activity) at a later date.”
– Choon Ong, IDA

“I would like to thank Andrew CHUA for his lead and expert guidance in making our team building a success and a very fun one, not forgetting the team in Bintan too.We all had great fun despite the rain and it has been one amazing experience for all of us and we take back with us very memorable memories.”

“Andrew, Thanks for your effort in organizing the recent Teambuilding for EAC II. It was very successful. The reviews are encouraging and positive. We look forward to working with FOCUS in the near future.”
– Margaret Chua, EAC (Regional Food and Beverage)

“On behalf of all of us in Societe Generale who attended the Offsite at Sentosa on 17 April, I would like to thank Andrew and his team for the excellant organisation, fun outdoor activities and it was a very professional job done.”
– Mabel Sim, Chief Operating Officer, Societe Generale, Singapore

“Facilitator Andrew was really enthusiastic and great. This was one of the better Teambuilding programmes I have attended.”
– Health Sciences Authority


“Many thanks to FOCUS especially to our lead facilitor, Andrew his team during our 2 days stay in Ubin and those lessons learnt. All these activities cannot be learn from book or just slides presentation. You need to feel physically yourself in that suitation to learn and it will remember in your mind for the next min 5~10 yrs. It is a good training to convey the message clear loud what we mean Teamwork.”
– Lionel Yap, Comfort



JOHORSPEEDFEST 2022 was organised by the Johor Yacht and Recreation Club (JYRC) and fully supported by the FOCUS Adventure Group.

Asian Yachting Academy (AYA), SeaOPS and CAMP CHALLENGE were amongst the more than 30 entities that participated in the 3 Days Fiesta!

The SpeedFest showcase exciting activities like Seaplane, ATVs, Superbikes, Kayaking and Yachting.

The Sultan of Johor was the Guest of Honour to launch JOHORSPEEDFEST 2022.


26 November 2022 (Sabtu) – Duli Yang Maha Mulia Sultan Ibrahim Ibni Almarhum Sultan Iskandar, Sultan Yang Dipertuan Bagi Negeri dan Jajahan Takluk Johor Darul Ta’zim berkenan berangkat melancarkan Johor YACHT Club, Johor Jeep Owners Club dan Pertandingan Johor Speed Fest 2022 yang berlangsung bertempat di R&F Marina Place, Johor Bahru, Johor hari ini.
Johor Yacht & Recreation Club (JYRC) @ R&F Marina Place adalah merupakan hub sukan dan rekreasi antara yang terbaharu di negeri Johor.
Sempena perlancaran hub tersebut, program Johor Speedfest juga turut dilangsungkan selama tiga hari bermula pada 25 November 2022 (Jumaat) dan akan berakhir pada 27 November 2022 (Ahad).
Pelbagai aktiviti menarik telah disediakan oleh pihak penganjur termasuklah pameran himpunan kenderaan berkuasa tinggi, persembahan kebudayaan dan bazar serta gerai jualan makanan turut diadakan bagi memeriahkan festival yang julung kali dianjurkan bertempat di R&F Marina Place, Johor Bahru, Johor. Masuk adalah percuma.


Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar

HM Tuanku Sultan Johor today (26th Nov) launched the Johor Yacht & Recreation Club (JYRC) at R&F Marina Place (JYRC) – the newest sports and recreation hub in Johor Bahru.
Johor Jeep Owners Club chairman Datuk Md Othman Yusof and R&F Malaysia chairman Mr Li Mingliang, were among a host of dignitaries to welcome His Majesty to the all-new marina, which is an integral part of the exclusive R&F waterfront development overlooking the Straits of Johor and Singapore.
In conjunction with the launch, JYRC is also organising a three-day Johor Speedfest until Sunday (27 Nov).
This unique lifestyle and entertainment event will, among others, showcase an exhibition of supercars, superbikes, power boats, jet skis, yacht and seaplanes .
The event, which is supported by the Johor Tourism Department, will also feature cultural and entertainment festivities and a food bazaar. Admission is free.
The highlight of Johor SpeedFest is the Asia Powerboat Championship, which will see top teams from around the region compete for points in the Asian circuit, including Malaysia’s first all-female team.
The event is a prelude to plans to promote Johor and the Straits of Johor as the venue for regional and international power boat racing events
It is hoped that Johor Speedfest will also boost and position the State as a leading destination for adventure and recreation in the region.

 感谢主办方邀请小编B哥和JANE 姐姐一起来见证柔佛首个游艇俱乐部开幕活动!恭喜

感谢主办方邀请小编B哥和JANE 姐姐一起来见证柔佛首个游艇俱乐部开幕活动!恭喜

感谢主办方邀请小编B哥和Jane 姐姐一起来见证柔佛首个游艇俱乐部开幕活动!恭喜 🥳🥳
这场游艇展览+摩托艇比赛+水上飞机+汽车漂移表演+价值RM10,000寻宝抽奖 · 于11月26-27日在富力公主湾盛大举办!
在11月26日(星期六) 10am-3pm 观赏汽车漂移的精彩表演呢🚗!
活动日期: 26 – 27 Nov 2022 (Sat – Sun)
Time: 9am – 6pm
Venue: 富力公主湾富力新天地 (歌剧院旁)



柔佛苏丹依布拉欣陛下(左3 ) 64岁华诞刚过,大会仍贴心地准备生日蛋糕祝贺。(取自柔 佛苏丹面子书)

报导/摄影:叶秀文 (部分照片取自柔佛苏丹面子书 )



柔佛州旅游局从昨日起一连3天在新山富力公主湾( R&F Princess Cove ) 举办“2022年柔佛速度嘉年华’'(Johor SpeedFest 2022),由,以生活中享 受奔驰的休闲活动作为亮点。

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"Really liked the gold mining game and activites! Keep up the good work!"
Ying Li Tan
Deputy Director, Sembcorp
"It's really enjoy and have fun."
Yen Lim
Manager, Stone forest Accountserve Pte Ltd
"Excellent team building session which brings out the cooperation of everyone."
"Great team building. Able to create genuine relationships. Fun times. Explored Singapore!"

Certified Master Facilitator®

Certified Master Facilitator®

Our FAcilitator, Sasi KUMAR, is now a Certified Master Facilitator®. The title Certified Master Facilitator® is a mark of excellence in facilitation. It distinguishes someone as having achieved the highest certification available in the industry.

The certification process assesses candidates against a rigorous set of competencies. These competencies were developed based on input from over 450 FAcilitators and clients. The result, a certification with the distinction of quality, integrity, talent and service, is one that FAcilitators can aspire to achieve and clients can have confidence in.

With this latest certification, Sasi is now able to deliver more Process FAcilitation programmes that do not just stop at the teambuilding session but go further with stakeholders to develop their teams or achieve effective meetings results using tools such as LSP – LEGO Serious Play, World Cafe, Open Space Technology and many other Process FAcilitation tools.

Find out more about the types of advanced programmes that can be offered here:
FOCUS Consulting 

Going Zero Waste for our Programmes

Going Zero Waste for our Programmes

Leaning on technological breakthroughs, we have proudly made some changes to the delivery of programmes to align with our sustainability vision. We have gone ZERO WASTE for two of our popular programmes; The Rollercoaster Challenge! and The Incredible Race Challenge!

For The Rollercoaster Challenge! instead of giving participants straws and balloon sticks, we have invested in rubber tubes that can do the same job but are reusable! This means that after each programme for The Rollercoaster Challenge!, we are able to reuse 100% of the materials!

For The Incredible Race Challenge! We used to print hard copies for our participants. But we have since moved to have participants’ using their mobile phones to access race content via the e-forms. This has made the activity efficient, interactive and participative for all members of the team! A “leaderboard” is also created electronically via the links where teams can view other teams’ performance in real-time!

Emergenetics Profiling

Emergenetics Profiling

Emergenetics is a tool used to achieve a profile of the person’s behavioural and thinking characteristics.

The theory behind Emergenetics is people are already born with thinking and behavioural traits. The environment and social surroundings then modify and alter these traits and behaviours. Essentially, a person has genetic traits that the environment affects.

The emergenetics test is a self-assessment questionnaire that maps the thinking and behavioural traits of an individual. This profile is broken down into seven emergenetics attributes; four thinking attributes and three behavioural attributes. When each attribute is given a colour, the Emergenetics profile becomes a palette of colours mixed together that paints a picture of one’s personality.